11 Health Benefits Stemming From Medical Marijuana

Each year more research comes out showing the health benefits of medical marijuana and just regular old weed. And every year more people come around to the idea that smoking a plant can be beneficial to your health in certain situations.

Smoking cannabis recreationally is still questioned by many. However, many medical experts have come around to using marijuana as a drug for medical purposes. After all, we use much stronger narcotics in everyday medicine. So there isn’t much of an argument to make against medical weed.

With this in mind, here are 11 health benefits stemming from marijuana:

For Tobacco Smokers

Medical marijuana has been shown to reduce carcinogenic effects of long-term tobacco consumption. As well, smoking marijuana increases lung capacity; tobacco smoking significantly hinders lung function.

Controlling Epileptic Seizures

Both children and adults suffering from seizures have seen marijuana consumption to help prevent or reduce the number of seizures. The key is to find a strain of medical marijuana that is high in CBD.

Stops the Spread of Cancer

While studies haven’t been completed on human subjects yet, the results from lab and animal studies have been profound: medical marijuana can stop or slow the growth of cancer cells.

Reduced Anxiety

Before you get your medical marijuana card to reduce stress, you must know that only select strains of weed will help. Other strains of marijuana can increase your anxiety. Strains high in CBD have been shown to help anxiety in certain cases.

Calms Muscle Spasms

Once you get your weed card, you may be able to eliminate muscle spasms that creep up, especially for active individuals who are aging. Weed relaxes muscles rapidly, allowing the spasms to cease.

Arthritis Relief

For people suffering from arthritis, many have found medical marijuana to be helpful in relieving pain. As well, individuals using weed for arthritis have found sleep significantly improved, too.

Improved Creativity

Marijuana releases dopamine in the brain. This can lead to increased productivity. Certain studies have shown positive mental effects of marijuana. Anecdotal evidence shows us that Hollywood is one of the creative capitals of the world, and many people working throughout the creative industry in the town consume regularly.

Treating PTSD

Coming home from war can have terrible effects on many men and women. Returning to normal life often leads to anxiety, fear, and depression. Many suffering from PTSD have found significant improvements when buying medical marijuana online.

Protect From Concussions

While research is preliminary, many have come to the conclusion that medical marijuana can protect and heal the brain from concussions. Weed is said to have a variety of healing properties after a traumatic incident.

Stimulates Appetite

Anyone who has gotten high before knows marijuana consumption can lead to hunger. Certain medical treatments, like chemotherapy, result in patients losing their appetite. Marijuana can help patients eat more after therapy.

Reducing Alcohol Consumption

Some consider medical marijuana to be much healthier than alcohol consumption or other addictions. For people with addiction problems, consuming marijuana instead of alcohol or another drug can help in recovery.