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Medical records maintained in our secure, HIPAA-compliant system

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Complete the online application.

We’ll need your medical history and information about your qualifying condition.


A Doctor will evaluate your request.

One of our licensed physicians will review your medical history.


Email delivery of your State Certification.

State Medical Marijuana certification emailed and/or uploaded to the state site with in 48 business hours.


About the Company

Why Choose MMJ Recs?

MMJRecs is a fast and secure way to apply for a medical marijuana card. We are a 100% online telemedicine platform whose goal is to connect medical cannabis patients with knowledgeable, compassionate and reliable MMJ doctors for an online medical marijuana recommendation.

Our doctors are highly qualified and possess an intrinsic understanding of the many health benefits of medical cannabis. Your medical marijuana evaluation includes:

What We Offer

Benefits of using MMJRecs for your Medical Marijuana Card


24/7 Online Verification


Expedited Electronic Doctor's Recommendation (if qualified)


Medical Records Maintained In Our Secure, HIPAA-Compliant System

  • Schedule an appointment with a physician licensed in your state
  • State certification form emailed and/or uploaded to the state database within 48 business hours
  • 100% HIPAA Compliant
  • 24/7 Online Patient Verification
  • Evaluation is free if you don’t qualify
  • Serving patients 18 and older in all qualifying states
  • Personalized medical treatment plans
  • Exclusive discount and offers for all renewing patients

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