Once you’re qualified for a Recommendation by our State certified Dr, you are able to use that recommendation to apply for your State issued ID card from your states Department of Public Health.

As of January 1 2016 it is not necessary to be registered with The Department of Public Health in the States of Nevada or California.

Our Recommendations are valid in the State of California.  We are working on being able to offer our recommendations on a state by state basis in every state where Medical Marijuana is legal.

A recommendation is the Minimum requirement by the states of California and Nevada for a Medical Marijuana patient to attain and possess Medical Cannabis.

MMJRecs does not share our patient’s personal information with any third parties or government agencies unless requested in writing by the patient themselves.

All delivery Services will accept your PDF File as a valid recommendation immediately however some fixed dispensary locations will only accept the Original copy of your recommendation with the MMJRecs embossed raised seal

Your Original embossed copy of your Recommendation will arrive in 3-5 business days at the address provided when you applied for your recommendation.  If you need it mailed to a different address, please email us immediately.

You are able to grow up to 99 Medical Cannabis plant with your Recommendation however this will never supersede any local municipality ordinances on what residents can grow. If you live in County or City that restrict patient’s rights to grow Medical Cannabis plants, please consult with an attorney for Medical Cannabis advice in regards to growing.

MMJRecs recognizes over 50 qualifying condition for the Medical use of Cannabis, please refer to our website for a detailed description of the qualifying conditions.

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