Patient Drives

If you’d like to host a medical cannabis evaluation drive in Missouri, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Iowa, or any of our other participating states, look no further than MMJRecs.

The MMJRecs team will provide all the help you need to sign up as many qualifying patients as possible during the event.

Do your customers need a medical marijuana doctor in Oklahoma? An MMJ certificate in Iowa? We have compassionate doctors licensed in your state who are ready to offer online consultations every day.

There’s no threshold to the amount of patients that we can take on, so any qualifying patient who attends your MMJ evaluation drive can avoid a waiting room and get their medical marijuana certification on the same day as their appointment.

If you’ve been worried about how a patient drive may distract from your regular day-to-day business, MMJRecs will make the whole MMJ evaluation process smooth and seamless. Our team will manage the patient flow, creating an opportunity for your dispensary to engage hundreds of new customers.

All of the consultations will be carried out 100% online – this quick and efficient process means that patients won’t have to wait hours for a doctor’s appointment in order to get an MMJ certification in Pennsylvania, Iowa, Oklahoma, Missouri, or any of the other participating states.

Why you should choose MMJRecs for your patient drive:

The MMJRecs Team Will:


Keep HIPAA-Compliant Records

MMJRecs will store patient records in our own HIPAA-Compliant systems.


Deliver same-day results

MMJRecs will deliver same-day results so you can focus on your customers.


Manage patient flow

MMJRecs will manage the patient flow at the patient drive so you can care to your customers.


Manage the application process

MMJRecs will provide the technology to sign up every qualifying patients who attends the patient drive.

About MMJRecs

MMJRecs has been helping customers acquire medical marijuana cards since 2015.

Founded in Venice, California, our company was formed by a recovering cancer patient (MMJRecs’ CEO) and a leading physician who wanted to make the process of obtaining a medical marijuana card simpler and quicker for those in need.

We provide a fast, simple, pain-free certificate approval process, spearheaded by a team of licensed physicians.

Our partnerships with hospital systems, pain management, neurological clinics and physical therapy centers allow us to reach patients who are struggling with pain and mobility issues. MMJRecs’ 100% online telemedicine consultation helps individuals who require care get the medication they need without having to face the journeys and long queues associated with visits to the doctor’s office.

We are very proud to be at the forefront of the medical marijuana movement as it continues to grow across the country; we are already active in 10 states, with many more planned for the future.

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Interested in hosting a MMJ evaluation patient drive? Get in touch with Dustin Heil, VP of Sales at: or (970) 440-3176.