5 Great Cities For Medical Marijuana Consumption In the United States

If you smoke marijuana, then you know it’s quite preferable to smoke without worry of breaking the law. This is one of the many reasons getting a medical marijuana card in California is so popular.

With the freedom legally smoking weed offers you, you may sometimes dream of living in a city that is exceptionally weed-friendly. We did some research, and found the best cities for medical marijuana consumption in the United States.

If you have a medical cannabis card, you’ll probably love:

Denver, Colorado

You don’t even need a medical cannabis card in Denver, Colorado. The city was the first in the United States to fully legalize marijuana—not just for medical use, but all recreational marijuana use, too! However, you can still get a medical marijuana card in Colorado if you need it. This will give you access to both medical weed and the marijuana available in recreational dispensaries.

You’ll find many flocking to this big city due to the popularity of Denver, the mountains and the legal weed. While prices for rent have skyrocketed, Denver will continue to be a mainstay for those looking to live in a marijuana-friendly city.

Seattle, Washington

As liberal a city as any other, you can legally smoke pot recreationally in Seattle. The city also has the fourth highest number of medical marijuana dispensaries per capita in the United States.

If this doesn’t make the Emerald City a haven for marijuana smokers, take into account that the city’s police department has told the federal government they will no longer assist with marijuana investigations. The Seattle Police Department once posted a flyer with facts about legal pot that included the wizard Gandalf getting high.

Los Angeles, California

As the cultural epicenter of the United States, you’ll naturally find Los Angeles on any list of weed-friendly cities. While you’ll need your medical marijuana card in California, you won’t have anything to worry about once you have that bad boy in hand. Los Angeles has legalized medical marijuana for almost two decades now.

If you need to get legal, you can quickly get your medical marijuana card online here at MMJRecs. You’ll then be ready to access all Los Angeles has to offer in the cannabis department – including the highest number of dispensaries in the whole state of California.

Maui, Hawaii

It’s a little-known fact Hawaii legalized medical marijuana in 2000. However, when you think about it, there would be no such thing as Maui Waui if the people of this beautiful state didn’t enjoy their cannabis so much. While living on the islands is expensive, you won’t have any issue getting your medical cannabis card here.

Oakland, California

California makes its second appearance on this list, as the Bay Area comes in clutch for pot smokers, especially in Oakland. The city boasts a great weed culture and even houses a university that offers degrees geared towards becoming a medical marijuana professional.

Oakland also hosts the infamous Oaksterdam. The district features dispensaries, green-friendly cafes, clubs and much more. Just like every other city in California, you’ll need to get your medical marijuana card to smoke legally in Oakland.