5 Social Benefits of Marijuana

People have been getting high for ages – even centuries. Smoking a joint is nothing new. So why has marijuana consumption been so popular over the years? What are the health and social benefits of marijuana? Before you go to get your medical marijuana card online in California, it’s important to understand the pros of socially smoking some weed.

Here are five social benefits of marijuana:

  • Friendly: It’s pretty hard to find an angry stoner. In fact, it’s been scientifically proven smoking weed leads to fewer fights. When people smoke a little marijuana, they enter an incredibly friendly and fun state of mind. Many refer to this sensation as “getting high.” When someone is high, it’s very difficult to feel negative feelings – unless too much weed is consumed and paranoia enters the mind. However, that type of situation is rare, especially for experienced individuals who have consumed marijuana for a while.
  • Relaxation: Weed reduces stress. Some medical studies say so, but anyone who has consumed a little weed knows this to be true. You don’t need a study to see cannabis consumption helps many individuals relax and takes the edge off. Some people like to relax with some beer. Some people like to relax by smoking marijuana.
  • Extra Creativity: Many world famous actors, producers, musicians, and more have all been quite fond of marijuana. Just a small sampling of such individuals includes Jay-Z, Lady Gaga, George Clooney, Bob Marley, Willie Nelson, Hugh Hefner, Rihanna and Stephen King. That’s a pretty solid list of creatives, and it certainly doesn’t stop there. Marijuana has been proven to increase creativity by releasing dopamine into the brain and reducing inhibitions at the same time.
  • Better Sex: While I couldn’t find any studies proporting the sexual benefits of smoking weed, many stoners swear by a little stoned sex. Some consider the drug to be an aphrodisiac. The drug relaxes you, lowers inhibitions, makes individuals more aware of touch and more. While weed won’t make orgasms more intense, most find the experience of coitus after smoking weed to be incredibly sensual.
  • Less Anxiety: From a purely social standpoint, many stoners find they’re able to relate to others much better after consuming cannabis. This stems from the fact that marijuana can reduce anxiety in the right doses. Reduced anxiety combined with lowered inhibitions allows many stoners to connect on a deeper level when they’re high.

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