6 Best Strains of Medical Cannabis for Improving Athletic Performance

Medical cannabis can have hugely beneficial effects on athletic performance. Improved recovery, pain management, sharpened focus, decreased anxiety, increased appetite, and better sleep are some of the effects of medical cannabis for athletes in all sorts of sports.

Athletes involved at a high level in weightlifting, bodybuilding, Brazilian jiu jitsu, mixed martial arts, marathon running, and even professional basketball have sworn by the effectiveness of medical marijuana for improving their mental and physical performance.

In high-pressure situations that could provoke detrimental and distracting anxiety and stress, medical cannabis can reduce anxiety and induce calm focus.


MMJ - athlete running

No matter what type of athlete you are, medical cannabis can benefit you.

When an athlete needs to relax deeply after a grueling session in order to be optimally recuperated and ready to perform again as soon as possible, a calming indica can relax the mind and body, and induce a pleasantly healing comatic slumber (not to mention encourage lots of eating, which will refuel the body with vital nutrients and promote rapid recovery).

Medical cannabis for athletes isn’t just restricted to elite performers. Many people report that medical marijuana improves their gym workouts too. Under the influence of MMJ, weightlifting, bodybuilding, and cardio can all be done with a quiet focus that allows a person to tune out the myriad distractions that exist in a modern commercial gym and concentrate deeply on performing their workout to the absolute best of their ability. (MMJ can also make the crappy music they play in most commercial gyms quite a bit more palatable!)

Here is our list of six of the best strains of medical cannabis for improving athletic performance.

Royal Medic is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain from Royal Queen Seeds with a light and fun high that calms the body and enlivens the mind. With 10% THC and 12% CBD, the effects are smooth and mellow – just enough to take away any anxiety and sharpen up focus for optimal sports performance.

Lemon Power Haze by Zamnesia Seeds is a sativa-dominant hybrid with 20% THC and not very much CBD at all. This results in an energetic, heady high that is perfect for athletic performance as it fuels imagination and motivation, kills anxiety and stress, and allows crystal-clear focus, while leaving the body untouched and ready to exert energy at a high level.

OG Kush is an indica-dominant strain that boasts an eye-popping 25% THC, so despite her indica roots, she brings on a powerful heady high that tends to instigate motivated productivity. OG Kush is the lovechild of a threesome between Lemon Thai, Pakistani, and Chemdawg and has gone on to outperform all of its parents in terms of popularity, especially with sportspeople. The high from OG Kush starts off heady and ends in a fairly powerful body high, which is perfect for long-distance runners as it allows them to enjoy steadily pushing on through the pain barrier on long runs. OG Kush is also ideal for use after intense exercise as it strongly relaxes the body and mind, allowing for optimal recovery.

Amnesia Skunk Automatic is a strain that packs a good punch, being relatively high in THC and CBD. It provides a cerebral and heady high while also giving a beautifully calming body-buzz. This is ideal for weight-training as it allows the user to push through the pain barrier with relative ease and really enjoy squeezing out those last few reps (the reps that really count!). Amnesia Skunk Automatic is a strain known for its powerful pain-reduction and anti-inflammatory properties, so it is an excellent aid to post-workout rest and recuperation.


MMJ - woman weightlifting

MMJ has a whole host of benefits both during and after a workout.

Sweet Tooth is an indica-dominant strain bred by the good folks down at Barney’s Farm in Amsterdam. It has a solid 16% THC and a high amount of CBD that provides a heavy body-based high. Sweet Tooth is a mage-relaxing strain of medical cannabis and so would not be ideal for fast-paced sports, but is ideal for slow cardio or long, laidback weight-training sessions. With its high CBD content, Sweet Tooth is ideal for inducing some serious relaxation after a grueling match or workout.

Casey Jones is a strain bred from Trainwreck, Sour Diesel, and Thai Genetics. It is 40% indica and 60% sativa. It has a THC content of around 20% and gives a happy, uplifting, and motivating high, which is perfect for getting rid of anxiety and replacing it with energy and excitement – making it the ideal medical cannabis for athletes. Due to its indica genetics, Casey Jones provides a strong and long-lasting body high. The physical buzz brought on by Casey Jones completely alleviates pain and is great at reducing inflammation, which can help to improve performance during a game or training session, and will also promote rest and recovery in the aftermath of physical exertion. Casey Jones is a great all-rounder that is ideal for athletes of all types.

Hopefully this list has inspired you to see if MMJ can improve your athletic performance. Let us know how it goes in the comment section!