7 Fascinating Medical Marijuana Facts

There are a plethora of medical marijuana facts out there. Some hype the benefits of the drug. Others spin weed in such a negative light you’d think one puff of a joint was similar to shooting black tar heroin in a back alley. Neither spin is completely correct.

Before you get your medical marijuana card online, here are seven fascinating facts:

  • Medical Marijuana Mania: According to recent statistics, there are well over one million individuals in the state of California who have obtained their medical marijuana card. These individuals have led to over $2.7 billion in annual sales at medical marijuana dispensaries in the state.
  • So Many States: California was the first state in the USA to legalize medical marijuana. As of 2016, there are 18 states that have legalized medical marijuana. Certain states have also legalized recreational use. More states will join both folds this fall, as voting occurs. California may legalize recreational use for the first time this November.
  • Dwindling Opposition: In the 1990’s, medical marijuana wasn’t nearly as favorable as it is today. This medical marijuana fact is especially true in less liberal states (aka not California or Colorado). These days most are in favor of medical marijuana. Around 83% of Americans are in favor of allowing doctors to prescribe marijuana for medical conditions.
  • Always Arrested: Even though the majority of Americans aren’t too opposed to medical marijuana and many support recreational use, there are still 750,000 weed-related arrests every single year in the United States. Most of these arrests are simply for possession of weed.
  • Proven Effective: Medical marijuana has “medical” in its name for a reason. The drug has been shown to be effective in treating and healing a variety of health related conditions. While some use phony ailments to get their medical marijuana card online, many do use the drug for treatment.
  • No Evidence: There has been no evidence presented showing medical marijuana laws and legalization has increased the consumption of weed in adolescents. Some have found youth smoke weed less when you remove the “bad boy” image of smoking pot in high school.
  • Marijuana and Driving: Many have speculated that driving after consuming marijuana is similar to drinking and driving. However, statistics show that’s simply not true. While marijuana does seem to subtly affect driving abilities, there needs to be further studies done to determine a legal amount (similar to blood alcohol levels when drinking).

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