7 Things to Consider When You First Get Your Cannabis Card in California

You did it. You went out and got your hands on a cannabis card in California. First off, congrats! The wide world of weed just opened its doors to you. You now have access to more marijuana than you could ever imagine and in every form you could ever think of. From edible to prime kush to cannabis oil and more, you can have it all now.

While you can try it all, you shouldn’t. It may be difficult, but exercising a little caution can be a good thing when you first get your medical marijuana card online. Here are seven things to consider when you first get your cannabis card in California.


  • Take a Deep Breathe

You have your cannabis card now. There’s no rush. While you can’t get medical marijuana online, there’s no need to visit that sketchy drug dealer any longer. Relax. The dispensary isn’t going to run out of marijuana. Take a deep breathe and change how you view marijuana consumption.


  • Go to the Dispensary

We know you want to! After you’ve taken a deep breath and relaxed a bit, hop in the car and head over to the local dispensary. We recommend only bringing cash and only the amount you can afford to spend because, if you’re anything like us, you’ll try to buy it all. Yes, your first trip to the dispensary should be treated like your first trip to the casino.


  • Ask Questions

The employees at medical marijuana dispensaries are more knowledgeable than anyone else about weed and their product. While you may think you know more about marijuana than anyone else, feel free to ask these legit experts any questions you have about the plant and their selection.


  • Make Your Selection

Think about the medical benefits you desire as you shop around. Remember: strains high in THC offer a chance to get high, but strains high in CBD seem to help relax and reduce pain more effectively. Of course, you’ll want to find some fun stuff to try as well so feel free to get your edibles, oils and drinks on!


  • Act Normal

Easier said than done, but you’ll want to act normal as you walk back to your car with more weed than you’ve ever had your hands on before. You’ll feel like a criminal the first time, but you’ll get used to having so much weed on you.


  • Keep Away From Kids

Sure, the marijuana is fine for you, but you’ll want to find a proper place to store your new stash. Make sure you keep everything away from the children because the edibles can look just like candies to young ones.


  • Testing One, Two

It’s finally game time. You have all these new types of weed to try. What do you do first? Well, that’s up to you. Consume your cannabis in any way you see fit. Have fun with it and enjoy exploring all the different types of marijuana.