8 Reasons Why The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Industry Will Grow And Grow

The Oklahoma medical marijuana industry only came into existence after a June 2018 vote, in which 57% of Oklahoman voters voted to legalize the sale, use, and growth of medical marijuana in the state. While this June 2018 genesis is later than in many other states, the speed at which the Oklahoma MMJ industry has grown in just over a year has been remarkable. The state now boasts the most liberal, patient- and business-friendly MMJ program in the United States.

The growth of the Oklahoma MMJ industry has been extremely rapid. Lots of Oklahoma MMJ jobs have been created, and the state legislature has kept bureaucracy and red tape to a refreshing minimum.

Here are eight reasons why the Oklahoma medical marijuana industry looks set to continue its rapid growth.


  1. Oklahoma’s Culture Supports Individual Freedom and Entrepreneurship

The state of Oklahoma has always had an ethos of promoting individual liberty and personal responsibility. Small government, private business, and taking responsibility for one’s own outcomes in life are all seen as very positive ideals in Oklahoma. This Oklahoma mindset has fueled the rapid growth of the OK MMJ industry and will surely continue to do so.


MMJ Recs - Oklahoma city at night

The Oklahoma medical marijuana industry has been steadily growing since June 2018.


  1. Demand for Oklahoma MMJ is Increasing with Seemingly Unstoppable Momentum

The Oklahoma medical marijuana industry is growing at breakneck speed. It has achieved a degree of momentum that shows no signs of slowing. In December 2018, the OK MMJ industry clocked $1 million in sales. By February 2019 this number had grown to $7.2 million, and by May 2019, sales had reached an incredible $25 million. In March of 2019, there were 68,578 registered MMJ patients in the state. By May this number had ballooned to 125,000 registered patients!


  1. No Formal List of Qualifying Medical Conditions Exists for OK MMJ

It is much easier for a patient to be prescribed medical marijuana in Oklahoma that it is in almost any other state. A licensed physician can prescribe medical marijuana in Oklahoma for any condition that they deem would be improved by MMJ use. This liberal policy of leaving prescription completely at the discretion of doctors will lead to ongoing OK MMJ industry growth.


  1. Oklahoma has a Low Barrier of Entry for MMJ Businesses

Opening an Oklahoma medical marijuana business is relatively easy. Oklahoma already has a very large number of dispensaries and registered growers due to its liberal license-issuing policy. The amount of Oklahoma MMJ jobs that have been created has brought huge benefits to communities all across the state. This situation has made OK MMJ very popular with a lot of people and has tilled the ground for impressive future growth.


  1. Oklahoma MMJ has Market-Leading Standards of Quality

The Oklahoma medical marijuana industry is very well run and provides excellent products. The Unity Bill dictates rules regarding product testing, labeling, packaging, and sales tracking. OK MMJ adheres to the highest quality standards and customer satisfaction is sacrosanct. The high-quality product patients have access to will undoubtedly lead to future growth in the Oklahoma MMJ industry.


  1. OK MMJ has an Excellent Track Record of Helping Patients

With such high-quality products and service, word will continue to spread about the massive benefits that medical marijuana use can have for patients. It is well documented that MMJ use is very helpful for patients with chronic pain, insomnia, glaucoma, and certain psychological issues, as well as a whole host of other medical conditions. Due to increasing awareness amongst Oklahomans of the stellar benefits of MMJ use, the MMJ industry in the state will continue its rapid growth.


  1. Support for OK MMJ from the Public, Local Politicians, and Business Leaders is High

Due to the many reasons already discussed – high-quality product, patient satisfaction, increased local employment, ease of navigating the system – the Oklahoma MMJ industry is enjoying solid support from the public, local politicians, and business leaders. With all this positivity in the air, and with so many people benefiting from its existence, it is difficult to imagine what could get in the way of the OK MMJ industry continuing its impressive rate of growth.


MMJ Recs - downtown Oklahoma City

There has been widespread support for the Oklahoma MMJ industry since its beginnings in 2018.


  1. Getting an OK MMJ Card is Easily Done Online

It is extremely easy to get an Oklahoma MMJ card online. Consulting with a local physician and getting an OK MMJ prescription can be done in a matter of minutes from the comfort of your own home. This highly patient-friendly situation is enabling Oklahomans to avail of MMJ without hassle or fuss. With a system that is so efficient and easy to navigate, it seems certain that more and more patients will get an Oklahoma MMJ card going forward.

The rapid rate of growth in the Oklahoma medical marijuana industry looks set to continue into the future. The ground is set and plenty of public goodwill exists. The Oklahoma MMJ industry is well placed to become a leader in the field, and an inspiration to other states, for a long time to come.