9 Great Cannabis Oil Uses Once You Have Your Medical Marijuana Card

Cannabis oil is one of the healthiest ways to consume marijuana. There are many medical and health benefits from these oils once you have your medical marijuana card. Instead of wasting too much time with an intro, we want to jump right in and discuss cannabis oil uses and benefits.

Here are nine great cannabis oil uses once you have your medical marijuana card:

Pain Relief

With pain killer addictions reaching epidemic levels, one of the best cannabis oil uses is pain management. You can consume the oil orally or topically. If you’re dealing with especially strong pain or out of control inflammation, we suggest using cannabis oil both topically and orally.


One of the best ways to manage headaches or migraines is through cannabis oil. Start by orally consuming some cannabis oil. Then rub a little bit on your temples and any area of your head with throbbing pain.

Stress Relief

One of the best known uses for marijuana is stress and anxiety relief. Humans have been using weed to reduce stress for hundreds of years. Cannabis oil is perfect for stress and anxiety relief because you don’t get the anxious feelings often associated with getting high.

Skin Protection & Anti-Aging

While smoking marijuana or consuming edible weed does nothing for the skin, cannabis oil can be amazing for your complexion. Many have found dead skin gone and a glowing radiance restored after consuming cannabis oil orally and applying it topically to the face.

Heart Healthy

Another surprising cannabis oil use comes for our heart. Cannabis oil can balance out the negative oils in your system and lower cholesterol by stimulating antioxidant creation. Both of these benefits reportedly improve heart function.

Cancer Prevention

While the research for this one is preliminary, many scientists speculate cannabis oil can have preventative effects on cancer tumors. While we cannot definitively state this, we’re looking forward to further research on the topic.

Sleep Better

Many have found falling and staying asleep to be much easier after orally consuming a little cannabis oil before bed. Cannabis oil effectively lowers your energy level and helps your mind relax, making sleep much easier.

Appetite Booster

Many find themselves hungry while high. They get their weed card and instantly wind up getting the munchies as well. While you shouldn’t consume cannabis oil to get high, the oils can help stimulate your appetite.


Weed cards and glaucoma have gone hand in hand for decades. However, cannabis oil may be one of the best ways to manage glaucoma. The oils can reduce glaucoma and prevent degeneration.

Be Smart About It

There are many cannabis oil uses, but it’s important to be smart when using any drug. Cannabis oil can be strong and you should always take caution when using it orally or topically. If you’re looking for your medical cannabis card in California, check out MMJRecs and get yours instantly.