Best Pain Management Centers In California That MMJ Patients Should Know

Medical marijuana (MMJ) has been proven to help relieve chronic pain, but it’s not the only way. Sometimes, in addition to MMJ treatment, patients need other methods to find some relief. There are many California pain treatment centers, and the expert physicians at these places can advise you on best practices to understand and heal your chronic pain. It’s important to be honest and disclose your MMJ intake when you attend a clinic, so that the doctor can ensure any additional treatment does not interfere or interact with this.

How can I access California’s MMJ program?

California has a well-developed MMJ program, with many dispensaries state-wide. As long as you have a valid CA MMJ card, you can purchase a wide range of products. There is no set list of medical conditions that qualify for a California MMJ card – as long as your licensed CA physician deems you a suitable candidate, you may apply. This level of leniency means that more people than ever in California can access the MMJ they need to treat their chronic pain, no matter its root cause (as long as the doctor thinks it will be of benefit to your condition).

Even better – the application process for a California MMJ card is very easy and convenient with MMJRecs. In fact, the good news is that you can complete the whole process online, as there’s no need to even leave the comfort of your home. To apply for your California MMJ card with MMJRecs, check out our application page to get started today!

As we stated earlier, sometimes it can be helpful to work with a California pain treatment specialist alongside your MMJ treatment. To help you find CA pain clinics, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best pain management doctors in California. This should be a good aid for finding the right pain specialist for your needs, but be sure to check out each of these centers yourself and do your own research to ensure you’re making the right decision for you and your health.


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Image by Julian Myles on Unsplash: With so many CA pain clinics to choose from, you’re sure to find the right specialist for you!


Best Pain Management Centers In California

Relieve Pain Center

San Diego, CA

Relieve Pain Center is a forward-focused pain clinic with advanced treatment options in line with best practices. They specialize in “minimally invasive interventions for lower back pain” – if this sounds like something that would benefit you, you can request an appointment online through their website, linked above.

Naturopathic Health Center of San Diego

San Diego, CA

If you prefer a more natural approach to pain relief to complement your MMJ treatment, look no further than the Naturopathic Health Center. The focus at this clinic is on highly individualized treatment, which allows the patient to find the right option for them. The clinic works with patients who have a wide range of conditions; if you have a condition that causes you chronic pain, they will listen and guide you in the right direction towards healing.

Neck Pain, Back Pain and Headache Relief Clinic

Vista, CA

Dr Jason Gestring has received many positive reviews for his work as a chiropractor, with many satisfied patients having found relief to their pain with his help. The aim of this clinic is to restore you to the best version of yourself through a holistic approach to healing, involving high levels of trust and teamwork to achieve results. You can contact the clinic via phone or through their website. You will also find information on the website about your first visit to the clinic, and what this involves.

Advanced Pain Specialists

Riverside, CA

Another clinic with great reviews, Advanced Pain Specialists offer a wide range of pain relief services, including “medical management, non-invasive or minimally invasive procedures, rehabilitation and behavior modifications”. You can find more information and detail on the types of procedures or treatments that are regularly prescribed on their website. If this clinic sounds like the right one for you, give them a call, or simply fill in their contact form at the link above.


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Image by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash: Wondering where to go for California pain treatment? We’ve got you covered!


Premier Pain Consultants

Fullerton, CA

Premier Pain Consultants in Fullerton offer a wide range of services to help treat the root cause of chronic pain. Both physicians at this clinic are Harvard-educated and double board-certified in pain management and anesthesiology, so you’ll be in expert hands. In addition, the team at Premier Pain speak English, Spanish, Mandarin, and Cantonese, so you can communicate in any of these languages if that makes you feel more comfortable during your visit.

Pain Medicine Consultants

Pleasanton, CA

At this CA pain management center, you can receive expert treatment to soothe your pain. The doctors here specialize in comprehensive pain medicine as well as low-intervention spine care, so if you’re struggling with chronic pain linked to your spinal health, this clinic could be a good option for you. Take a look at their website for further information on their staff and facilities.

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