Best Pain Management Centers In Missouri That MMJ Patients Should Know

For some patients, MMJ treatment alone can be a fantastic aid in relieving chronic pain. However, in other cases, it can be helpful to combine MMJ with other therapies – and this is when pain management doctors in Missouri can come to the rescue.

MO pain clinics are there to help you understand and identify the root cause of your pain, and to advise you on the best treatments available for you. This doesn’t negate the effectiveness of medical marijuana in helping to soothe your pain, but rather allows you to have a holistic approach to pain relief, with the help of a specialist to guide you along the way. A pain management specialist can also ensure that any treatment you decide to undertake complements your MMJ treatment, to prevent any issues.

Remember that in order to purchase MMJ products in Missouri, you will need a valid MO MMJ card; at the end of this article we’ll include a summary of how to apply for one of these easily and conveniently though MMJRecs. But for now, let’s begin with our list of Missouri pain treatment centers. For each clinic, we’ve provided some background information as well as contact and location information, to help you get started on your search for the best pain management doctors in Missouri. We’ve found the best MO pain management centers from across the state so you can check out the one closest to you.


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Image by CRYSTALWEED cannabis on Unsplash: MMJ can be used in addition to other pain treatment, but always ask your MO pain specialist to advise you.


Best Pain Management Centers In Missouri

Citizens Memorial Hospital Institute of Pain Management

Bolivar, MO

For pain management in MO, the Citizens Memorial Hospital clinic can be a great service for those living outside of one of the major cities. According to their site, they have been named one of the Top 10 rural hospitals in the entirety of the US, among other accolades.

At CMH, you can receive treatment for chronic pain caused by a variety of medical conditions, with services such as trigger point injections and acupuncture available. Check out their website for further information on the services they provide and how to book an appointment.

Ozarks Healthcare Pain Management

West Plains, MO

This clinic can assess the cause of your chronic pain, perform and review the results of relevant tests, and help you complete a treatment plan for the relief of chronic pain.

The team are experts in many fields, including chronic headaches, abdominal pain, and neck pain. Their professional and highly competent specialists can ensure you receive the pain treatment that works for you.

Midwest Pain Management Center

Lee’s Summit, MO

Midwest Pain Management Center is one of the most highly reviewed pain treatment centers in MO, and for good reason. They aim to provide high-quality care in a professional yet friendly setting.

Established in 2015, their physicians are specialists in pain management exclusively, and they are bound to find the treatment that suits you. Their facility includes the latest and most up-to-date equipment in order to provide the best treatment possible to patients.

Elpis Pain Management Center

O’Fallon, MO

Elpis Pain Management Center is another clinic that receives excellent feedback from patients. They aim to provide a multidisciplinary approach to pain relief, focusing on numerous angles of treatment to achieve results: “There are many causes and types of pain, and the treatment must attack each type and cause through different technique.”

The center’s medical director is a proponent of evidence-based medicine and believes in adapting pain treatment to match individual progress. The clinic’s comprehensive approach to healing your suffering from chronic pain will surely have many benefits to those also undergoing MMJ treatment.

Interventional Pain Management Services

St Louis, MO

This clinic also has another branch in Illinois, and are specialists in treating chronic pain. Their highly qualified team are experts in locating your pain and finding the best solution. In addition, their facility contains state-of-the art equipment, so you’re sure to receive the best care possible.

This center offers a wide variety of services, so call them today or check out their website for further information.


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Image by Joyce McCown on Unsplash: MO pain clinics can greatly help your pain management.


We hope this guide helps you find the pain management center that suits you best. Chronic pain can be debilitating, but finding an expert to help you on your journey can make all the difference. In addition, MMJ can provide much-needed pain relief to aid with pain caused by a variety of conditions. Read on for a recap on how to apply for your Missouri medical marijuana card.

How to get your Missouri MMJ card

In order to legally purchase MMJ products in Missouri, you need a valid Missouri MMJ card. The application process for a MO MMJ card is easy and efficient with the help of MMJRecs:

  • Register your details on the MMJRecs website (linked above) and sign up to attend an online clinic
  • Complete your online consultation with a licensed state physician via telemedicine
  • Once your application has been approved following this consultation, you will receive an email with your patient identification card
  • Print this card, and you’re good to go! You can now begin to purchase your favorite MMJ products from any of the state’s licensed dispensaries.

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