Can A Felon Work In A Medical Marijuana Dispensary In Oklahoma?

Can a felon work in a medical marijuana dispensary in Oklahoma? This question is commonly asked in the Sooner State.

Due to the meteoric rise in the popularity of medical marijuana in Oklahoma, a lot of people with a variety of backgrounds are keen to get into the MMJ business. Oklahoma has an incarceration rate higher than the national average, so it is not surprising that some people who would like to get involved in the MMJ business in Oklahoma are felons.

So what are your rights regarding MMJ as a felon in Oklahoma? Can a felon work at a dispensary in Oklahoma? Can a felon own a dispensary in Oklahoma? Can you get a medical marijuana card with a felony in Oklahoma? Let’s find out…

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries: Big Business In Oklahoma

The medical marijuana industry has grown massively in Oklahoma since MMJ was legalized in the state in 2018. The fervor with which the Sooner State has taken to medical marijuana and the free-market-induced flurry of activity and growth in the MMJ industry has surpassed all expectations.

Oklahoma already has the largest number of MMJ dispensaries in the country and the second-largest amount per head of capita. The state has over 2,200 dispensaries (and growing), so it is no surprise that a lot of people are seeing employment opportunities in the MMJ dispensary business.


MMJ - medical cannabis

Image by cheifyc on Pixabay: Oklahoma has more MMJ dispensaries than any other state.

What Are The Requirements To Work At A Dispensary In Oklahoma?

Can a felon work at a dispensary in Oklahoma? Yes, a felon can be employed at an MMJ dispensary. However, getting an MMJ dispensary license if you are a felon in Oklahoma is not quite as straightforward as if you have a clean record.

Can A Felon Own A Dispensary In Oklahoma?

A felon is allowed to apply for a commercial license and own a dispensary in Oklahoma. However, they will need to wait a certain amount of time from the date of their last conviction before they can be given a license. If a person’s conviction was for a non-violent offence, they must wait two years. If it was for a violent offence, they must wait five years. This process can be hurried along if the applicant can get an expungement on a non-violent crime or a pardon for a violent crime.

What Are The Requirements To Get A Medical Marijuana Dispensary License In Oklahoma?

To get a dispensary license in Oklahoma, a person must be 25 years old or above and 75% of the dispensary ownership team must be resident in Oklahoma. The application must include a business plan; a financial plan; an inventory control plan; an education and record-keeping plan; and a staffing and security plan.

Can A Felon Apply For An MMJ Card In Oklahoma?

Being a felon has no bearing at all on whether or not a person qualifies to get a medical marijuana card in Oklahoma. As MMJ is a very effective treatment for the symptoms of numerous medical conditions such as depression, anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia, glaucoma, arthritis, and cancer, once a person meets the standard requirements to get an Oklahoma MMJ card, they can get one whether they are a felon or not.


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Image by harbalhemp on Pixabay: A felon can work at a dispensary in Oklahoma.

What Are The Requirements To Get An MMJ Card In Oklahoma?

To get an MMJ card in Oklahoma, a person must be 18 years old or over, have a letter of recommendation from a licensed physician, and pay the licensing fee of $100 (or $20 for people on Medicaid, Medicare, or SoonerCare).

How Do You Apply For A Medical Marijuana Card In Oklahoma?

The best way to apply for an MMJ card in Oklahoma is to set up an online consultation with a local licensed physician through By having your medical consultation remotely, you will not need to leave the comfort of your own home in order to get your Oklahoma MMJ card.

Remote consultations are especially helpful for people who suffer from conditions that cause a lack of mobility, chronic pain, or fatigue, but they are also very handy for people with busy lives and tight schedules.

What Are the Qualifying Conditions For A Medical Marijuana Card In Oklahoma?

Oklahoma is a unique medical marijuana state in several ways. One of the most important ways it stands out from the rest is in its liberal rules around what medical conditions qualify a person to use medical marijuana in the state. Oklahoma is one of the very few states that has no formal list of qualifying conditions. Instead, the state leaves the decision about whether a patient should treat their medical condition with MMJ completely at the discretion of the examining physician.

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