Can I Carry Medical Marijuana In Ohio?

Medical Marijuana (MMJ) became legal for use in Ohio 2016, and in 2019 the state’s MMJ program became operational. MMJ can be used to treat a wide range of medical conditions. In the state of Ohio, qualifying conditions for MMJ treatment include:

  • PTSD
  • ALS
  • Chronic pain
  • Epilepsy

However, the above conditions are just a few of those which could benefit from MMJ – the list of conditions is still increasing. Research into marijuana’s medical capacity is ongoing, and new discoveries are bound to be made along the way. The effectiveness of MMJ treatment has led to a growth in popularity across the US, and Ohio is no exception! 

In this post, we will be going over some of the questions you may have about MMJ in Ohio. Can I carry medical marijuana in Ohio? Where can medical marijuana be used in Ohio? The fact that the rules surrounding MMJ use and purchase vary from state to state can make it difficult to answer these questions. But, don’t worry – here at MMJRecs we are here to try to simplify it all for you.

Image by Shelby Ireland on Unsplash: What are the rules for marijuana in Ohio?

Image by Shelby Ireland on Unsplash: What are the rules for marijuana in Ohio?

Can I Carry Medical Marijuana In Ohio?

The short answer to this question is yes, you can. However, Ohio’s MMJ program is highly regulated and it is important that you abide by the rules in order to avoid any issues with the law.

First of all, you need a valid Ohio MMJ card in order to purchase MMJ in the state, and you can only do so legally at registered dispensaries (as per Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Control Program). Luckily, the process for getting your Ohio MMJ card is relatively simple, and MMJRecs can help you with this. 

What Are The Rules For Marijuana In Ohio? How Do I Get An Ohio MMJ Card?

The first thing to realize when applying for your Ohio MMJ card is that you require a certified medical condition in order to participate in the state’s MMJ program. The only way to certify your condition is through undertaking a medical consultation, during which time a licensed physician will evaluate your eligibility as a candidate. If deemed successful, the physician will certify your form, which enables you to continue with the process. Without a physician’s certification, you cannot proceed with the application.

This consultation can be done in-person or virtually, and should only take about ten minutes to complete. MMJRecs can help you to organize an appointment via telemedicine, meaning you can do the whole consultation remotely from your own home. 

Following your appointment, the physician will email you through their certification document, which you need to upload to the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program website, along with any other relevant documents. Once you’re approved, you can print out your MMJ card (it is sent via email) and you are free to legally and safely purchase MMJ at any dispensary in Ohio that you wish.

Image by Add Weed on Unsplash: Where can I smoke with my medical card in Ohio?

As for the rules surrounding MMJ use, it’s important to remain vigilant when you have your MMJ card to ensure you are always complying with the law. Never smoke in public places (or indoors!) or while driving or operating machinery. It’s important to note that you may only have up to ninety days’ worth of MMJ in your possession at any time – it is illegal to have more.

Where Can I Smoke With My Medical Card In Ohio?

MMJ products now come in a variety of forms – edibles, vapes, oils and lotions – but many still prefer to smoke MMJ. If you choose to smoke, ensure you do it in a private location such as your own home (but especially not in your car, if you will be driving).

Can You Travel With Medical Marijuana In Ohio?

If you have a valid Ohio MMJ card, you can bring your MMJ products in your vehicle with you, as long as they are sealed securely away while you drive (for example, in the trunk in a closed container). You cannot cross state lines while in the possession of MMJ. 

As we have previously discussed, rules and regulations surrounding MMJ use vary considerably from state to state so carrying MMJ to another state could be unlawful. Ensure you do your research surrounding MMJ use in Ohio, so that you are aware of all the precautions you must take.

MMJ treatment can be life-changing for those suffering from a painful or debilitating medical condition. If you are a resident of Ohio and believe that MMJ could work for you, do not hesitate to apply for your Ohio MMJ card today! 


Featured image by Matt Koffel on Unsplash