Can My Family Doctor Prescribe My Oklahoma MMJ Card?

Medical marijuana has only been available legally in Oklahoma for a little over a year, but already the state is making history when it comes to MMJ card prescription and usage. Approximately 3.5% of the entire state’s population has applied for and been approved for an Oklahoma MMJ card, meaning it has more medical marijuana patients per capita than any other U.S. state. MMJ laws in the Oklahoma medical community have not put a cap on the number of dispensaries or the number of growers that are allowed to operate in the state. You must apply for a license, but at the moment you are most likely to be granted one in Oklahoma. Their policy seems to be one of letting the market decide how many dispensaries and growers are enough. If your interest is piqued now, you might have questions about MMJ card prescription, including: Can a family doctor prescribe an MMJ card? And where can I find an Oklahoma doctor to prescribe an MMJ card? Read on – we’ll answer this question and more!

MMJ Recs - Oklahoma
Think you might benefit from using medical marijuana? Time to find an Oklahoma doctor to prescribe an MMJ card!

There are many different conditions and symptoms that can be helped or relieved with the use of medical marijuana. The list is almost endless, but some of the most common conditions treated include cancer, HIV/AIDS, chronic pain, arthritic inflammation, seizures, Crohn’s disease, and glaucoma.  Interestingly, in Oklahoma, you don’t have to have a specific condition in order to qualify for an MMJ card prescription. You simply discuss your symptoms with the relevant health care practitioner, who decides whether or not you might benefit from taking medical marijuana. If you’re wondering “How do I get my Oklahoma MMJ card?” and you’re not sure who to go to, the best place to start is with your family doctor.

It’s common to have a family doctor prescribe an MMJ card. The reason they can do this is because medical marijuana is seen to have general medicinal benefits. Any medical doctor is allowed to prescribe medical marijuana, but they obviously have to see you and give a reason for it. If your condition is something that your family doctor can diagnose without further investigation, they are the best person to write your MMJ card prescription. If, however, your doctor feels you need a referral to a specialist, then the specialist will be the one to write the prescription. This means, for example, that if you have cancer your oncologist is the one who will most likely prescribe it; if you’re suffering from glaucoma it will be your eye specialist; and so on. Any licensed medical health expert is allowed to recommend you for MMJ use. In fact it’s quite easy to get an MMJ card in Oklahoma.

Family doctors do differ in their knowledge and experience of MMJ. If you find that yours doesn’t have the necessary knowledge or is reluctant to grant you an MMJ card prescription, you can always apply with us online. We have medical experts in every U.S. state who can carry out a relaxed evaluation with you via telemedicine. This is particularly useful for people who find it difficult to leave their house and travel, don’t like face-to-face consultations, or would rather not have their family doctor prescribe an MMJ card, for whatever reason. All you have to do is complete a standard medical form online. Information required will include your relevant medical notes, your reason for applying for MMJ, and why you think it might help. All applications are always treated with the utmost privacy and respect.

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Have your family doctor prescribe an MMJ card or consult with a specialist through MMJRecs. (Image by CMElixirs from Pixabay)

Once approved, your card will be sent to you by mail and you can start using it right away. Your online expert will even be able to advise you on the type and amount of medical marijuana to use for your particular condition or symptoms. According to the MMJ laws in the Oklahoma medical community, the qualifying conditions are the same when applying online as if you were to visit a specialist or an Oklahoma doctor to prescribe an MMJ card for you. It’s definitely a stress-free way to pursue your MMJ card prescription, and probably cheaper and quicker than paying to visit your family doctor.

If you feel that you might benefit from an MMJ card prescription, and you’re thinking “OK, now I want to get my Oklahoma MMJ card!”, you can visit your family doctor in the first instance for advice. Alternatively, contact us online for an evaluation or simply to ask some questions. We’re here to help! If you’re approved for an Oklahoma MMJ card, you’ll be on your way to joining the other 151,000 Oklahomans who experiencing the benefits of medical marijuana!