4 Ways to Consume MMJ That Your Grandma Won’t Notice

In recent years, medical marijuana has grown in popularity. The once frowned upon herb is now seen as a legitimate form of medication for a variety of ailments. Although it’s perfectly legal to use MMJ when purchased with a 420 card (you can apply for cannabis card online), there is still a perceived stigma attached to this particular form of medication, especially around older family members. This can sometimes lead to awkwardness when dosing in front of them.

But this needn’’t be the case. There are plenty of ways to subtly take your MMJ, leaving you appropriately medicated without having to answer any uncomfortable questions. Below are our top four ways to dose discreetly.


The most obvious way to subtly take MMJ in public is by embracing the wonderful world of edibles. Whether in the popular brownie form or something even more subtle such as a gummy bear or lollipop, the combinations are endless. If you can bake it, spread it or munch it, then you can dose with it.

Use your 420 card to pick up some of the medicinal herb, and after a little experimentation at home with different proportions of MMJ (often processed into cannabinol form), you can quickly find the correct dose for your needs. Edibles are a very reliable source of dosing because you can easily tell exactly how much you’’ve taken. You can also quickly identify the limits that you can handle without fear of inducing some of the drowsier side effects caused from medicating with MMJ.

Weed Wine

MMJ Recs - 420 card

Canna Vine is different than any other wine on the market.

Fairly new to the scene — but something that the medical marijuana community is getting very excited about — is the introduction of weed wine. Although the presence of cannabis resin in wine can be predated back to 1700 B.C. (with some cultures even using it as an ancient form of pain relief during surgeries), it’s newfound popularity is thanks to a joint venture, aptly named Canna Vine, by Lisa Molyneux and Louisa Sawyer.

Although not cheap (prices can range from $120 to $400 per half bottle!), this new weed wine has taken California by storm. People say that it’s subtle flavor and mellowing effects make it a far more preferable way to consume MMJ than some of the other harsher methods, such as smoking, vaping or even juicing. Despite it’s bright green color, sipping down on some fine Canna Vine can feel downright distinguished. As MMJ use continues to grow in popularity throughout the world, I think we can expect to find many more examples of this spirited drop hitting the markets and restaurants soon.


MMJ Recs - 420 card

Use your 420 card to purchase tincture, sometimes referred to as the ‘green or golden dragon.

An MMJ dosing method that’’s not talked about as much is the use of tinctures, sometimes referred to as the ‘green or golden dragon’. Putting the enticing mysticism of the nickname aside, an MMJ tincture is just an alcohol-based cannabis extract (or infused alcohol). This method actually used to be the most common form of dosing up until the United States enacted cannabis prohibition.

Many might be put off by cannabis tinctures because they can seem like a fairly intense form of consumption. But the truth is that it’’s the exact opposite. Just as edibles are a great way to track your dosage of MMJ, tinctures are as well. Once you’ve made your tincture (or bought it online with your California medical marijuana card), you can start with just one drop placed under your tongue. If you require a stronger dose, then add one drop per day until you’ve found your perfect MMJ tincture dose.

Topical Lotions

Last, but certainly not least, is the use of topical cannabis lotions. This method is beneficial because it’s free from the cerebral, heady effects of its counterparts. It’s the perfect choice for 420 card holders who need a clear head and relief from localized pain or discomforts, such as muscle aches and soreness.

Topical lotions use the full cannabis extract, which is the thick, decarboxylated oil used to activate cannabinoids. The reason decarboxylation is necessary for topical treatment is because only once the cannabinoids are activated can they be absorbed through your skin. Decarboxylation is the process of activating the THC from the THCA in your MMJ. This is done through drying your bud and then heating it. Decarboxylating your MMJ will drastically increase it’s potency, which means can reduce your dose and get more bang for your buck!

As you can see, there are many different and beneficial ways to go smoke-free when using MMJ. They are all subtle, dignified and a far cry from the naff and outdated stereotypes of cannabis users that arose during the late ’1960s. There’’s nothing to be ashamed of when using your 420 card to dose with MMJ. I say let your flag fly high so that at your next family picnic or dinner, you can feel comfortable unwrapping your delicious plate of brownies, uncorking your Canna Vine or buttering up with a canna-oil lotion. Just remember to label them first. Who knows? Maybe Nana will want in!