CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Type II)

The main difference between Type II and Type I Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) is Type II involves confirmed nerve damage. As a result, Type II CRPS is much more severe and painful. While it is unknown where the condition originates, it is believed to be the result of an injury or surgery.

Type II CRPS was previously called causalgia, so you should be aware of that if you hear the term being used. People can experience different levels of pain as a result of Type II CRPS, so different treatment options are available. Some of the types of pain involve severe burning, muscle spasms, restricted mobility, spreading swelling, changes in skin color and temperature and general weakness.

When dealing with painkillers, you have to be aware of the potential risks and damage that they could do to other parts of your body. That’s why many people turn to alternative treatment options that have lesser side effects and are healthier.

Treatment Options for Patients with Type II CRPS

In addition to the physical pain that patients suffer, there are some psychological side effects as well. With Type II CRPS, there is a good chance you will be in constant pain. As a result, you may feel depressed, anxious, socially isolated and might even have thoughts of suicide. Before it gets to that point, be sure to know your treatment options.

Many doctors will prescribe pain medications, which could actually cause damage to your other organs such as the liver, kidneys and even the heart. However, some doctors may suggest you get a medical cannabis card and take small doses of medical cannabis to help alleviate the pain.

No matter how you want to take the medical cannabis, it will help you in more ways than one. It has been proven to not only help deal with the physical pain, but it also helps with the emotional and psychological aspects as well.

Applying for a Medical Marijuana Card

People who suffer from Type II CRPS shouldn’t wait to get their medical marijuana card online. It doesn’t take very long to apply for the card once you have a qualifying condition (Type II CRPS is a qualifying condition in most states), but every moment you don’t have your cannabis is another moment you have to deal with the pain.

Since the pain from Type II CRPS can vary in severity, you don’t want to wait until it’s unbearable to take action. When you contact us, we will help you quickly and easily obtain your medical marijuana card in California. We understand the pain and suffering you’re going through and want to make the process as painless as possible!