Dystonia is a devastating disease that can be life altering in a short amount of time. It’s characterized as a neurological movement disorder, which causes the body’s muscles to spasm uncontrollably. These spasms include painful twisting of the body and abnormal postures, which can lead to the inability to live a normal life.

When diagnosed with dystonia, the disease will generally worsen, since the sometimes-harsh movements cause more damage to the body. While it’s unknown what the specific causes of dystonia are, some are believed to be carbon monoxide and lead poisoning, stroke, brain trauma and genetic inheritance.

The sad reality with dystonia is most people aren’t able to live a normal life as a result. You won’t be able to have a job, be a parent or just do normal things like cook or go to social gatherings. Since the disease is somewhat rare, there isn’t a cure for it. However, there is one treatment that can help a patient suffering from dystonia live a better life.

Medical Marijuana and the Benefits for Dystonia

People with dystonia constantly have painkillers in their system. Not only are those painkillers potentially harmful, but some of them don’t work very well. That’s why many doctors are suggesting that patients get a medical cannabis card.

A 2002 study revealed a patient suffering from chronic pain as a result of dystonia. Her pain level was at level nine on a scale of zero to ten. After smoking a minor amount of marijuana, the patient reported a pain level of zero. Not only that, but the patient didn’t have to take prescribed painkillers for the next two days.

Studies like this have continued to be published, and highlight the benefits of a weed card. It’s believed that the chemicals in marijuana help ease the tension throughout the body, and the cannabinoids in the drug help treat involuntary spasms.

Obtaining Your Medical Marijuana Card

The inability to live a normal lifestyle is something that can cause severe cases of depression and mental anxiety. No one should suffer from these conditions, and it is extremely difficult to watch a loved one in pain. But that’s the reality of dystonia. While medical marijuana may not be able to cure dystonia completely, it can at least make the pain subside for an extended amount of time. Even feeling normal for a few hours at a time will help patients psychologically.

If you’re interested in obtaining a medical marijuana card online, then feel free to contact us and we will go over the process with you. Most people will qualify since dystonia is a known disease that can be helped with medical marijuana. We would love to help you deal with the symptoms!