Every Ohio Dispensary That MMJ Patients Need To Know

With a growing list of conditions benefiting from MMJ treatment, many residents of Ohio are availing of the state’s well-run MMJ program. MMJ can help with a wide variety of medical issues (check out this in-depth look at MMJ qualifying conditions for more information on these). Anyone with a qualifying condition can apply for an MMJ card, and for those who need a reminder, we’ll go over the application process for an Ohio MMJ card at the end of this post. If you have an Ohio MMJ card already, the next step is choosing the best dispensary for your needs. Ohio has many dispensaries, so making this selection may seem overwhelming! To help out, we’ve compiled this awesome list of every Ohio dispensary that MMJ patients need to know.

At Ohio dispensaries, you can use your OH MMJ card to purchase a huge range of MMJ products, ensuring you can take your medical marijuana in a way that suits you best. As there are so many dispensaries across the state, we won’t go into too much detail on each. Instead, we’ll give you a comprehensive list of options you can consider as you choose your next dispensary to visit. We’ve also included the contact information and location for each for each outlet. So, without further ado, we present: the MMJRecs summary of the best dispensaries in OH!

MMJ dispensaries in Ohio

How many dispensaries are there in Ohio?  So many! According to the official Ohio MMJ program, there are currently over 40 licensed MMJ dispensaries with certificates of operation in Ohio. Some dispensaries are part of the same company but may have various branches throughout the state. To make it easier for you to find your closest dispensary, we’ve included the address of each branch in the list below, along with phone numbers to contact if you need any further information.

All OH dispensaries below are licensed and therefore regulated, so you can be sure that they’ll provide high-quality and legal MMJ products. In addition, however, it’s important to inform yourself about the legislation surrounding MMJ use in Ohio, such as how to transport your MMJ to and from the dispensary, and where you are permitted to use your MMJ in a legal way.

With all that said, let’s dive into our comprehensive OH dispensaries list!


  • 1782 Coventry Rd, Cleveland Heights
    (216) 465-3920

BAM Cannabis

  • 709 Sugar Ln, Elyria
    (440) 252-4046

Bloom Medicinals

Bloom Medicinals have several branches across the state of Ohio. Check out one of these locations for high-quality MMJ products:

  • 1238 Conant, St Maumee
    (567) 296-9082
  • 1361 Georgesville Rd, Columbus
    (614) 407-1616
  • 382 Blackbrook Rd, Painesville
    (440) 299-1019
  • 403 S Main St, Seven Mile
    (513) 447-6459
  • 737 E North St, Akron
    (567) 213-5101


marijuana leaf

Image by Shelby Ireland on Unsplash: We hope that this full list of every Ohio dispensary that MMJ patients need to know helps you find the best dispensary for your needs!


Buckeye Botanicals

  • 3 Acy Ave, Unit A, Jackson
    Jackson (740) 577-9367


There are two locations in Ohio supplying MMJ:

  • 1150 N 21st St, Newark
    (740) 899-8003
  • 1220 Buchholzer Blvd Suite C&D, Cuyahoga Falls
    (330) 476-5019


  • 1525 Genntown Dr Ste B5, Lebanon
    (513) 970-2080

Firelands Scientific Dispensary

  • 2300 University Dr. E
    Erie (419) 616-5112

FRX Health

  • 1865 Dresden Ave East, Liverpool
    (724) 655-3335

Gleaf Medical Cannabis

  • 2932 Youngstown Rd SE, Warren
    (330) 469-9499


Harvest is another popular dispensary with several locations in OH. You can find Harvest dispensaries in these spots:

  • Harvest of Athens
    711 W Union St. Athens
    (740) 616-8066
  • Harvest of Beavercreek
    4370 Tonawanda Trl, Beavercreek
    (937) 696-0029
  • Harvest of Columbus
    2950 N High St, Columbus
    (614) 626-5770

Leaf Relief

  • 4323 Market St, Youngstown
    (330) 333-3925

Ohio Provisions

There are two OH locations for this dispensary:

  • 23024 County Road 621 Ste 1, Coshocton
    (740) 295-9182
  • 3560 Dolson Ct, Carroll
    (740) 993-0444


person working in dispensary

Image by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash: How do dispensaries work in Ohio?


Ohio Valley Natural Relief

  • 840 Canton Rd, Wintersville
    (740) 792-4267

Pure Ohio Wellness

Check out these two locations:

  • 1875 Needmore Rd, Dayton
    (937) 519-1420
  • 920 U.S. 42 West, London
    (740) 910-5420


Rise is one of the biggest dispensary chains in Ohio, with multiple locations across the state. This means that there is likely a branch near you, which could make Rise a convenient option. Find your local dispensary at any of these places:

  • 11818 Madison Ave, Lakewood
    (216) 273-0088
  • 1222 Prospect Ave E, Cleveland
    (216) 243-0165
  • 18609 Detroit Ave, Lakewood
    (216) 273-0062
  • 1920 Cooper Foster Park Rd W, Lorain
    (440) 363-0237
  • 3157 W Sylvania Ave, Toledo
    (419) 365-2558

Strawberry Fields

The dispensary is hugely popular, so check out your nearest branch if you’re looking for a reliable option for purchasing MMJ:

  • 245 W Main St, Logan
    (740) 300-1821
  • 2950 E Main St, Columbus
    (614) 403-6252
  • 300 N Main St, Monroe
    (513) 506-1857
  • 333 Wayne Ave, Dayton
    (937) 233-0642
  • 414 Greene St, Marietta
    (740) 238-7603


There are multiple Sunnyside dispensaries in Ohio, at the below locations:

  • 1546 W Church St, Newark
    (740) 616-8097
  • 1641 N Bridge St, Chillicothe
    (740) 617-8910
  • 180 Main St, Wintersville
    (740) 617-8649
  • 326 James Way, Marion
    (740) 617-8913
  • 5149 Kennedy Ave, Cincinnati
    (513) 964-1106

Terrasana Labs

Look no further than the below dispensaries for your MMJ needs:

  • 10500 Antenucci Rd Ste 200, Garfield Heights
    (216) 232-2527
  • 1800 E State St, Fremont
    (419) 463-2703
  • 183 Raydo Cir, Springfield
    (937) 230-6505
  • 656 Grandview Ave, Columbus
    (614) 434-6929

The Botanist

There are five Botanist dispensaries across Ohio, so have a look at the below locations to see if there’s a nearby option for you:

  • 115 Vine St, Columbus
    (614) 924-2155
  • 30133 Euclid Ave, Wickliffe
    (440) 671-0420
  • 3840 Greentree Ave SW, Canton
    (330) 623-7430
  • 3865 Lakeside Ave E, Cleveland
    (216) 930-6550
  • 46 S Summit St, Akron
    (330) 368-2144

The Forest

  • Sandusky: 1651 Tiffin Ave, Sandusky
    (419) 405-6863
  • Springfield: 1711 W Main St, Springfield
    (937) 441-4442


Image by Budding on Unsplash: Can anyone buy from a dispensary in Ohio? Anyone who has a valid Ohio MMJ card can.


The Landing Dispensary

  • 1978 W 3rd St, Cleveland
    (216) 770-408

Verdant Creations Columbus

  • 1243 N Cassady Ave, Columbus
    (614) 407-3111


With three OH dispensaries, Verilife dispensaries are a good option for purchasing high quality MMJ products in Ohio:

  • 1098 N High St, Hillsboro
    (937) 402-4016
  • 5431 Ridge Ave, Cincinnati
    (513) 599-1550
  • 502 N Dixie Hwy, Wapakoneta
    (419) 738-4665 

Zen Leaf

Last but not least, Zen Leaf dispensaries are another known and trusted dispensary option, with branches all over Ohio. You can find Zen Leaf dispensaries at these locations:

  • 8420 Vine St, Cincinnati
    (513) 440-6340
  • 5604 Airway Rd, Riverside
    (937) 684-4621
  • 1250 N 21st St, Newark
    (234) 901-5900
  • 1155 N Main St, Bowling Green
    (419) 882-8200
  • 3224 Cleveland Ave NW, Canton
    (234) 901-5900

Who can enter a Ohio dispensary?

So, now that you’ve located your closest OH dispensary – what do you need to do to purchase MMJ? Well, first of all, you need a valid Ohio MMJ card. You will only be able to buy MMJ products at the dispensaries above if you have this card. But don’t worry – MMJRecs makes the application process super easy.

Simply register online, and we’ll get your consultation with a licensed OH medical professional set up at a time that works for you. This patient evaluation is an essential part of the MMJ application process, but it only takes about 10 minutes. Following a successful consultation, the physician will certify you as a qualified candidate for MMJ treatment. You will receive an email with instructions to register with the state’s MMJ program. You’ll also need to pay any relevant fees for your MMJ card at this stage. And remember – you won’t receive a physical card, but you can use your printed patient certificate to buy MMJ products once you have received it.

We hope that you’ve found this OH dispensaries list useful! Remember, MMJ can be a fantastic way to treat a variety of conditions, including but not limited to:

  • Chronic pain
  • PTSD
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • IBS
  • Epilepsy
  • Cancer

If you have one of the above conditions, you could truly benefit from medical marijuana usage. And with MMJ treatment growing in popularity in many states, there has never been a better time to see if it would help you with your health. Once you have your OH MMJ card, we hope that you enjoy browsing the best dispensaries in OH, and find the right dispensary for you! Get started today by applying for your Ohio MMJ card completely online with MMJRecs.


Featured image by Jeff W on Unsplash