Can I Get a Medical Marijuana Card Online?

The short answer to this question is — and to paraphrase the words of former President Obama — “Yes, you can!” You can get your medical marijuana card online, and we strongly advise that this is best and easiest way to apply for a card. Now, let’s look at what you need to know in order to do this.

First, in order to apply for your card via MMJ Recs, you need to have one of the 50 qualifying conditions that are recognized for the medical use of cannabis. You can check these out on our website here. Don’t be afraid to ask us any questions if you’re not sure about anything. We’re here to help. If you think you qualify and you would like to give medical marijuana a shot to help alleviate your symptoms, then the simplest and easiest route to getting a card is to buy your medical marijuana card online.

Even though all doctors are allowed to prescribe MMJ for many illnesses and ailments, not all of them feel comfortable doing this. They may not agree with medical marijuana as a form of treatment, or they may not be fully up to speed with its benefits. There are special evaluation centers you can go to, but these are often located in inaccessible places, and you could be in for a long wait followed by a short consultation with the doc. Getting your medical marijuana card online will save you time, heartache and possibly money. Just click the get started button on our website, and you’re on your way.

Why Get Your Medical Marijuana Card Online?

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Depression is one of the 50 qualifying conditions that allows patients to get their medical marijuana card online.

It’s easy. You’ll need to fill out a standard medical form along with any other relevant medical documents or information and upload them onto the site. Then comes the evaluation with one of our medical marijuana physicians, which will take a few short minutes over the phone or via Skype if you prefer. You’ll need to give the physician information about your qualifying condition and your medical history and tell him or her why you believe that a cannabis card would help improve your life. Your highly specialized medical marijuana doctor can advise you on the best cannabis strain for you and the definitive amount you should take. The doctor will also provide you with an outline of the benefits and risks associated with using marijuana for medicinal purposes. In short, you will get a full medical card evaluation from an approved expert.

Once you have the green light, your medical marijuana card plus your official recommendation letter, a doctor’s signature and an embossed seal will all be sent to you by mail. Remember, you will need to renew your card every year. Rest assured that MMJ Recs does not share personal patient information with any third parties or government agencies unless you request us to do so.

What Can You Do with Your Medical Marijuana Card?

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If you have a CA medical card, you will still be permitted to smoke medical marijuana in most areas where tobacco smoking is allowed.

When you are in possession of your California medical card, you’ll be able to buy medical marijuana from licensed dispensaries, or you can order it online though protected marketplace sites. You can also grow your own plants.

If you’re wondering if you still need to apply for a cannabis card now that Proposition 64 has legalized recreational marijuana for adults over the age of 21, our advice is yes, you do. First, the proposition will not fully come into effect until 2018, so you definitely need a card for the remainder of this year. But even come 2018, you would be wise to renew your medical marijuana card online for several reasons:

Without a card, the proposition only allows you to grow up to six plants in your own home; whereas, with a cannabis card, you can cultivate up to 100 square feet of medical marijuana plants at any given time.

In 2018, the law says that the state will be required to start issuing licenses to recreational cannabis shops, but different areas have the right to set out different rules, so there are no guarantees. The act is not fully clear yet; there’s a bit of bureaucracy to get through.

Recreational use will not be allowed in public, but if you have a CA medical card, you will still be permitted to smoke medical marijuana in most areas where tobacco smoking is allowed.

Finally, the new proposition will not increase the price of medical marijuana because California medical marijuana card patients are exempt from paying sales taxes.

Hopefully, you can see now that it’s quite simple to get your medical marijuana card online. If you’re not sure if you qualify, take a look at our website, check out our FAQs or speak to your own medical practitioner. Then follow the route explained above, and you could soon be on your way to taking back a little bit of control of your life and reducing some of the symptoms of your debilitating condition.