Healthiest Ways To Consume Medical Marijuana

For those seeking the benefits that come from the consumption of medical marijuana, it can be a surprisingly simple process. In California for example, all you need to do is apply for a medical marijuana card online and assuming that your application is accepted, purchasing, and even growing your own marijuana will become as legal as gobbling down a Big Mac. Not only that, but several online services can issue your license within the hour.

Obtaining a cannabis card and the ability to consume medicinal marijuana that comes with it can often severely benefit the lives of people suffering from any number of ailments. Evidence has shown that cannabis can be used to reduce nausea/vomiting in chemotherapy patients, treat chronic pain, insomnia, and even increase the appetite of those with HIV and AIDS. Of course, it’s also a way to relax after a particularly stressful week.

For those with a medical marijuana card in California who are inexperienced with the ‘green field’, venturing to one of the many dispensaries around the state and beholding the plethora of ways in which to actually consume their new herbal friend can be overwhelming and confusing; not to mention the pros and cons that come from each different method. As such, you’ll find below the many ways in which marijuana can be consumed, along with health information for each.



Tobacco is a popular mixer to use when smoking medical marijuana; or you can just smoke straight MMJ.

To Tobacco, or Not to Tobacco?

As this article isn’t entitled Best Ways to State the Obvious, this isn’t going to be a class on the negative effects of tobacco usage 101. Instead, it’ll briefly touch on the advantages and disadvantages of coupling tobacco with medical marijuana.

After receiving your medical marijuana card, you’ll soon discover that there are a couple different types of cannabis, colloquially called “weed”. For those using hashish in their joints, mixing it with tobacco is almost necessary to help with burning and smoothing; without, the joint would likely clog up and burn out within seconds.

With straight-up marijuana, tobacco is not necessary whatsoever. However, for those who desire their nicotine high or wish to save a little money by mixing, it’s a common partnership. Obviously, the negative effects of smoking tobacco have been heavily documented. Even without the use of tobacco, smoking marijuana through a joint, pipe or bong has the potential to be harmful. Nonetheless, studies have shown the risk to be very minimal indeed.

Smoking marijuana presents very little threat and benefits from easily being able to regulate the dosage, as well as providing immediate relief. Of course, smoking any kind of substance will inherently make it temporarily more difficult to breathe, and often comes with a pungent odor. Due to this, many people seek alternative ways in which to consume their medical marijuana. Listed below are some of the most common.



Bongs were a natural precursor to vaporizers, but don’t share the health benefits of consuming medical marijuana.


For people in California who have recently acquired their medical marijuana card, vaping can seem like a pleasant entry point due to its ease of use and the fact that it’s far less harsh on the lungs when compared to smoking.

Vaping has become an increasingly popular method of consumption within recent years and also comes with the added benefit of instant relief, so is seen as a fitting substitute for a joint.

Vaping also reduces the side effects of a sore throat and coughing that often go hand-in-hand with smoking. If it’s your first time, this is one of the healthiest ways to start.





Tinctures, Sublingual Sprays, & Patches

I know what you’re thinking, this sure sounds interesting! And yes it’s true, these methods somewhat suck the ‘fun’ out of marijuana usage, medical or otherwise. While taking extracted cannabinoids, mixing it with alcohol or coconut oil and spraying it under your tongue, or applying a patch to one’s skin, doesn’t sound all that exciting, they share all of the same benefits as vaping, but with the bonus of being more discreet – if that’s a concern.



Looks good, right! Surely the tastiest way to consume medical marijuana?


Once your cannabis card has come through, it opens up a world of options when the clock hits hits 4:20 p.m. None may be as fun as combining it with some delicious brownies, cookies, muffins, or really anything that your heart desires. Not only does the high come with a tasty snack (reason enough really), but eating marijuana-infused edibles has the value of much longer lasting relief. The effects do take upwards of an hour to kick in, but as the body processes these through the liver before it hits the brain, the effects are often a lot more potent (something my space brownie experience in Amsterdam can attest to).

While baking ‘space cakes’ comes with the health advantages boasted by products which don’t require to be inhaled, there is one issue anyone curious about baking their own should be familiar with: dosage. With smoking and vaping it’s incredibly simple to measure the amount of medical marijuana for your needs, however due to the variables involved with baking/eating: quantity of baked goods; user’s weight; metabolism etc, it’s much more difficult to be exact. So for health reasons, it’s important to make sure not to overdo it.


Grow Your Own

The acquisition of a medical marijuana card in California also allows the user to grow their own, and while this may seem like a daunting thought at first, it comes with a range of advantages over purchasing. Not only does this process mean that it becomes demonstrably cheaper and easier to obtain, but also provides multiple potential benefits to health as well as experience.

Initially, it may seem the simplest route of purchasing marijuana from a seller would be for the best, but once you’ve learnt how to grow your own, having a constant supply on-hand 24/7, as well as an assurance of quality, poses an inviting proposition. Not only this, but you can be sure to know 100% what you’re getting. Be aware however, that even with a medical marijuana card, landlords are not legally obligated to allow you to grow it on their property, so it’s always best to check if you don’t own your own place.

As you can see, there are many different avenues to head down with the consumption of medical marijuana. Fortunately, none are by far and away superior to the other. Ultimately, it simply comes down to personal preference; from the health concerns, to individual experience you’re looking for, it’s important to pick which way is best for you.