How Medical Marijuana Can Improve Your Sleep

Sleep isn’t easy for everyone. Many people struggle to fall asleep at night. Some of these people have turned to using marijuana before bed to help them sleep. Whether out of habit or necessity, cannabis can be an excellent sleep aid.

Cannabinoids, the chemicals found in marijuana, can mimic the chemicals found in the brain when preparing for or during sleep. The chemicals and biological pathway responsible for sleep regulation are called the body’s endocannabinoid system.

While there’s some science behind the benefits of medical marijuana to improve sleep, some evidence is decidedly anecdotal. Here are some of the ways medical marijuana can improve your sleep:

1. Falling Asleep Faster

Numerous studies show THC, the main ingredient in weed, helps healthy people and those with insomnia fall asleep faster. It’s worth noting strains too high in THC could counteract the benefits. When you want to buy medical marijuana online, it’s important to always buy indica strains. Sativa strains can keep you up.

2. Sleeping Deeper

THC doesn’t just put you to bed. The chemical actually helps individuals sleep deeper, too. This factor could be more important than falling asleep faster because, in comparison to other types of sleep, deep sleep offers the restorative effects the body needs.

3. Longer Sleep Times

Not only does consuming marijuana before bed put you to sleep, but you’ll probably sleep for a longer period of time. According to multiple studies, THC allows users to sleep longer.

4. Curing Sleep Apnea

Marijuana is being tested as an alternative treatment method for people suffering from sleep apnea. THC may be able to regulate breathing during sleeping hours for those with the disorder.

What You Need to Know

Before you go out to get your medical marijuana card online and buy some weed, you need to know a few things. We already discussed the benefits of choosing an indica strain over a sativa one. When looking to buy marijuana online, it’s also important to note aged cannabis will lead to better sleep when compared with fresh bud.

Smoking marijuana before bed potentially decreases REM sleep. While this will reduce your ability to dream, the overall effects on the body shouldn’t be relevant. Unless you love your lucid dreams, you’ll be okay with this minor side effect.

Overall, consuming weed before going to bed will lead to greater physical restoration, but could hinder dreaming and result in a minor hangover in the morning. For those who struggle with falling asleep, the risk is often worth the reward. Getting to sleep and staying there is more important!

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