How Medical Marijuana Can Treat Your Multiple Sclerosis

Studies currently show medical cannabis can be effective in treating a number of symptoms of multiple sclerosis (MS). While marijuana won’t cure multiple sclerosis by itself, many find its symptoms more tolerable after consuming weed. As such, we wanted to take a quick look at which symptoms medical marijuana could positively affect:

  • Depression

Studies show many patients suffering from multiple sclerosis become clinically depressed. Some claim more than 50 percent of individuals with MS struggle with depression. Multiple sclerosis often damages the nerves controlling your mood. Once these nerves are damaged, it can be exceptionally difficult to monitor your mood.

Drugs used to control MS can also have depressive side effects so those suffering find themselves battling depression on multiple fronts. Medical marijuana can reduce the symptoms of individuals struggling with MS-related depression in up to 90 percent of reported cases.

  • Abdominal Pain

MS can lead to significant abdominal pain. Gastrointestinal complaints are especially commonplace for those suffering from multiple sclerosis. Around 50 percent of patients suffer from this ailment. Medical cannabis has been shown to help MS patients with defecation urgency, constipation relief, fecal incontinence and more.

  • Muscle Spasms

Patients with multiple sclerosis often struggle greatly with muscle spasms. More than 80 percent of MS sufferers find muscle spasms affect their lives. Medical marijuana can reduce the frequency of these spasms, along with the severity of each attack. Many claim the reduction in muscle spasms due to cannabis comes from anti-inflammatory properties and tension relief.

  • Anti-Inflammatory

Anti-inflammatory uses are one of the best ways to benefit from medical marijuana. Weed helps to relieve tension and has been used to reduce inflammation for thousands of years. Patients with MS often find inflammation causes great pain in their bodies. This is a direct result of the neural tissue in the body becoming inflamed.

Once the tissue is inflamed, sufferers of multiple sclerosis find the damage is irreparable and they begin to lose muscle control, among other things. Marijuana has been so successful in reducing inflammation in MS suffers it’s the world’s first weed-based pharmaceutical to be market approved. The drug created specifically for MS patients is called Sativex.

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