How Much Medical Marijuana Can You Legally Possess In Oklahoma?

The Sooner State’s MMJ program is one of the most liberal, well-run, and patient-friendly in the US. Oklahoma medical card holders, as well as out-of-state patients who visit OK, are privileged to be able to visit Oklahoma dispensaries and avail of the high-quality products they sell.

To fully enjoy the benefits of Oklahoma’s medical marijuana program, it is important that you understand the rules. Oklahoma MMJ patients need to know the answers to several crucial questions about medical marijuana law and MMJ possession limits.

Do Oklahoma medical card rules include MMJ possession limits? How much medical marijuana can you legally possess in Oklahoma? How much MMJ can you legally purchase under Oklahoma’s current marijuana laws? How many ounces of MMJ can you have in Oklahoma? What are Oklahoma growers license rules? Below, we will answer all of these important questions.

Do Oklahoma Medical Card Rules Include MMJ Possession Limits?

The Oklahoma MMJ program is overseen and implemented by the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA). Oklahoma MMJ law includes overall possession limits, as well as limits on how much MMJ you can have on your person, how much MMJ you can purchase, and how many MMJ plants you can cultivate at home.

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How Much Medical Marijuana Can You Legally Possess In Oklahoma?

The overall possession limits for Oklahoma MMJ cardholders in their residence are:

  • Up to eight ounces of marijuana in their residence
  • Up to one ounce of concentrated marijuana
  • Up to 72 ounces of edible marijuana

How Many Ounces Of MMJ Can You Have On Your Person In Oklahoma?

In Oklahoma, MMJ card holders are legally allowed to have up to three ounces of medical marijuana on their person.

How Much MMJ Can You Legally Purchase Under Oklahoma’s Current Marijuana Laws?

An Oklahoma MMJ dispensary can sell a person no more than three ounces of marijuana, one ounce of marijuana concentrate, and 72 ounces of edible medical marijuana products in any one transaction.

Can You Grow Medical Marijuana At Home In Oklahoma?

Oklahoma medical marijuana law allows MMJ patients in the state to cultivate their own medical marijuana in their homes.

How Much Marijuana Can You Grow At Home In Oklahoma?

Oklahoma MMJ cardholders are legally allowed to cultivate up to six mature marijuana plants

and up to six seedling plants in their home.

Where Can You Consume Medical Marijuana in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma MMJ can only be consumed in a private residence and is not permitted to be consumed in public places.

What Are The Oklahoma Grower’s License Rules?

MMJ in Oklahoma is big business. Licensed growers of OK MMJ can sell to licensed processors, licensed dispensaries, and other licensed growers. An Oklahoma grower’s license certificate is valid for one year from the date issued and must be renewed before it expires.

To be a licensed grower, you will need to be an Oklahoma resident. MMJ growing facilities in OK must be at least 75% owned by an OK resident. You will also need to undergo a background check.

Can Out-Of-State Cardholders Buy Medical Marijuana In Oklahoma Dispensaries?

Out-of-state MMJ cardholders can apply for a Temporary Patient License from OMMA. This license enables them to buy MMJ in Oklahoma dispensaries for up to 30 days, after which time the license can be renewed.

How Do You Get A Medical Marijuana Card In Oklahoma?

Getting an Oklahoma MMJ card is a quick and easy process. First, you have a consultation with a local MMJ doctor. This is best done through an online telemedicine clinic such as MMJRecs.

Once your suitability for OK MMJ is verified, you will be sent a physician certification form online, which you can submit to OMMA.

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Image by NickyPe on Pixabay: How much MMJ can you legally purchase under Oklahoma’s current marijuana laws?

How Often Do You Need To Renew Your Oklahoma MMJ Card?

Oklahoma medical marijuana cards are valid for one year and can be renewed by the patient reapplying to the OMMA.

What Are The Qualifying Conditions For An Oklahoma MMJ Card?

Oklahoma has no official list of MMJ qualifying conditions. Licensed Oklahoma MMJ doctors can prescribe medical marijuana treatment for any condition that they believe would benefit from MMJ.

What MMJ Products Can You Buy In An Oklahoma Dispensary?

Oklahoma dispensaries sell a wide variety of MMJ products, including:

  • Marijuana flower
  • Pre-rolls
  • Edibles
  • Vapes
  • Tinctures
  • Oils, lotions, and topicals

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