How Do I Renew My Arkansas Medical Marijuana Card?

If you already have an Arkansas medical marijuana (MMJ) card, you’re probably aware of the benefits that MMJ can have for people with a wide variety of medical conditions. With ongoing research in the field, more and more is being discovered about the benefits of MMJ as time goes on. With proven effectiveness in treating chronic pain (read more about the best strains for pain management here), MMJ can provide some relief for those who have not had much luck with conventional medication, or who wish to supplement traditional treatment.

In addition, you’re probably aware of the fact that an Arkansas MMJ card is the only legal way to purchase medical marijuana in the Natural State. Having an MMJ card makes accessing safe and legal marijuana for your medical condition much easier, as you can get your favorite products from your local dispensary without stress. But did you know that your MMJ card expires and needs to be renewed?

It’s important to ensure you renew your Arkansas MMJ card prior to its expiration date so that you can continue to access the state’s well-run MMJ program without a hitch. Most Arkansas MMJ cards last for one year – however, according to the Arkansas Department of Health, this can be shorter depending on what your physician specifies at the time of initial application. Today, we’ll be going through the renewal process for your Arkansas medical marijuana card in full.

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How do I renew my Arkansas medical marijuana card?

No matter where you applied for your first Arkansas MMJ card, MMJRecs can help to renew it – as long as you have an existing valid Arkansas medical marijuana card, that’s all that matters. In fact, MMJRecs will still offer you a renewal discount when you do so, even if you are a first-time customer applying for a renewal with us!

The process for renewing an Arkansas MMJ card is much the same as the application process. Since you’ve already undergone that process, nothing will seem too out of the ordinary for you. One important point is that you cannot use your former medical certification for a renewal – even if your medical condition has not changed. This means that you are required to undergo another medical consultation in order to have your application for renewal certified.

Let’s run through the steps involved in renewal, so you can make sure everything runs smoothly when it’s time to renew your card. Remember, this needs to be done prior to the card’s expiry (one year), and you can apply for the renewal 60 days before the expiration date. It’s best to allow plenty of time for the renewal so you can be sure to have uninterrupted access to the MMJ you require.

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Image by Add Weed on Unsplash: How do I renew my Arkansas medical marijuana card?

How to renew Arkansas medical marijuana card: step by step

  1. Log into your account with MMJRecs.
  2. Fill in our short, simple questionnaire with basic information about your health status.
  3. Organize your online consultation with a licensed Arkansas medical professional via telemedicine. As this can be done entirely online, you don’t need to travel to your local clinic – you can undergo this appointment at home or wherever suits you best.
  4. Wait for your physician’s approval to be emailed to you.
  5. The Arkansas Department of Health specifies that at present the following forms need to be uploaded for a renewal: certification from a physician, a patient registry form, a photocopy of your driver’s license or Arkansas state ID, and any applicable fees.
    (Please note: at the time of uploading your MMJRecs medical certification to the state’s site, you can select the “Renewal” option, which will apply a discount.)
  1. Receive your new MMJ card and continue to enjoy your favorite MMJ products!

Please be aware that while most renewal applications are processed very quickly, in some circumstances applications may take up to 14 days to be processed. In general, mail applications take a lot longer than those done online. Errors made during the renewal application may also cause a delay, so please ensure you look through everything carefully and thoroughly when you’re completing your application.

All in all, the Arkansas MMJ card renewal process is straightforward and should go smoothly, as long as you don’t leave it until the very last minute. If you’re unsure at any stage of the renewals process, you can always email MMJRecs at – we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions!

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