How to Store Your Medical Marijuana Properly

If you’re someone who uses medical marijuana, you’ll know what a lifesaver it can be in helping to treat the symptoms associated with some really debilitating illnesses. It can be taken in a variety of forms and strains, but there are some things you should know about how to properly store your medical marijuana so it can help you in the best way possible.

Medical marijuana is growing in popularity thanks to legislators and doctors who are finally realizing how effective it can be in helping people treat a variety of symptoms. While marijuana is still an illegal drug at a federal level, it is now legal to take recreationally in some states, and for medical reasons in even more states. People who use MMJ take it to treat symptoms associated with a wide variety of conditions, including cancer, HIV/AIDS, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, Parkinson’s disease, and multiple sclerosis. Most of these people are not the types of individuals that you’d associate with drug use, but marijuana is now so popular in medicinal form that more and more people need assistance and advice on how to use and store medical marijuana.

The type of storage you need depends on the type of medical marijuana that you’re consuming. If you’re a fan of traditional marijuana in bud forms, there are some easy tips to follow to ensure that your marijuana is protected from spoiling. First, make sure that you keep your buds in airtight glass jars. MMJ also needs to be protected from light, so keeping the glass jar in a drawer or pantry is a good idea to ensure that it stays fresh.

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It’s important to store your medical marijuana correctly.

Dispensary practices can also tell you a lot about the freshness of their product. Avoid dispensaries that use plastic bags or containers to sell their MMJ, as plastic is one of the biggest culprits in drying out marijuana buds. It’s also good to stay away from dispensaries that handle marijuana buds directly. Buds are delicate and direct handling can introduce moisture and germs into them, which is a surefire way of them spoiling.

Other forms of medical marijuana are a lot easier to store, but there is still some general advice to follow to ensure that it stays good for as long as possible. If you like to vape, make sure you replace your vaping pen regularly and keep it clean. Tinctures, like buds, should be stored in glass and kept away from direct light in order to avoid spoilage. MMJ edibles should be treated like the food they are. Cakes, cookies, and brownies have a shorter shelf life than candies and caramels, so if you’re not consuming medical marijuana regularly, it might be better to invest in some MMJ candy as opposed to cookies.

While there are certain steps you should follow, you can always get inventive and try cute and fun storage solutions for your MMJ. If you carry a vape pen in your handbag, why not treat yourself to a pretty and fun one as opposed to a regular plain one? If pretty isn’t your style, you can always look at something more industrial and formal-looking. Vape pens are especially open to customizing and there is a whole community of people out there who can advise on making your own vapes.

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If you can see your local dispensary has good MMJ storage habits, ask them for some tips and advice.

Your local dispensary can also be a font of knowledge for ideas on how to store your medical marijuana. As long as the practices of storage in their store are good, you should ask employees if they use marijuana and how they would advise you store it. Like any industry, the people who work with MMJ are often passionate about what they do and are more than happy to share the knowledge.

If you’re traveling with your medical marijuana, be careful about where you’re going. As marijuana is still illegal on a federal level, it is not advisable to fly with it, and if you’re crossing into a state where it isn’t legal, you could face criminal consequences. Sadly, not all states are as liberal as others, so it’s important to be careful when traveling with your medication.

Marijuana is an herb and if you think about it in those terms, its storage is easy to navigate. Don’t let it dry out too much, don’t let it see sunlight, and if you’re cooking it, treat the form you’re cooking it into like any other cookie, brownie, or candy. When treated properly, medical marijuana will change your life and help you to live the best way possible alongside your condition. A little knowledge goes a long way, so don’t be afraid to educate yourself and explore all storage possibilities so that you don’t waste any precious MMJ.