Interstitial Cystitis

Interstitial cystitis is a debilitating bladder condition that generally affects women. Also known as painful bladder syndrome, this condition can cause severe bladder pressure and pain, and the feeling to urinate more frequently. People suffering from this condition will feel a general discomfort, but can feel excruciating pain in more severe cases.

Symptoms could intensify as the bladder fills up and as urine is released. Interstitial cystitis can cause mixed signals within your body when it’s time to use the bathroom. As a result, patients will make frequent trips to the bathroom only to find out they really don’t have that urgent of a need. As a result, the quality of life in a person can be disrupted to the point where they don’t want to do anything.

Treatment Options for Interstitial Cystitis

There currently is no treatment that can effectively eliminate this condition. However, medical marijuana and other therapies and medications can help offer some relief. Getting an online medical marijuana card could be the best decision you make when it comes to treating interstitial cystitis.

Medical marijuana is known for helping with bladder inflammation, as well as urinary frequency. A 2013 study has shown that both cannabinoid receptors are found in the human bladder. Activating these cannabinoids can actually help prevent inflammation in the bladder and reduce the frequency of urination.

Other Cases to Make for Medical Marijuana

If you’re looking into trying to get a medical marijuana card online, consider the following 2013 study. A patient who had experienced painful effects of interstitial cystitis for the better part of 20 years decided to try taking oral THC, the chemical found in marijuana. While the patient would immediately feel relief from the pain, she began to feel some adverse side effects, which made her feel confused. Once the dosage was reduced, she continued feeling the positive pain relief, but the adverse side effects were eliminated.

It’s studies like these that prove medical marijuana to be a positive treatment option for interstitial cystitis. However, research is ongoing to determine the proper amounts to take and whether medical cannabis could actually cure the condition, rather than just alleviate the symptoms.

If you are suffering from interstitial cystitis, it may be worth looking into getting a California medical marijuana card.  Most people have a lot of questions about the process, so be sure to get in touch with us if you have any questions. While interstitial cystitis may not be a qualifying condition in most states, the resulting side effects are. We can help make sure you qualify so you can get the treatment you need.