Is California Medical Marijuana Big Business?

Over the last couple of decades, the marijuana business has changed dramatically in the great state of California. What started out as shady drug traffickers hopping the border with loads of medical-grade marijuana has morphed. The days of stoned dealers in shady apartments in sketchy areas of the city are seemingly gone.

Nowadays, you have high class medical marijuana dispensaries where all you need is your medical cannabis card in California to get some of the best weed you’d ever need. In a way it’s a great thing. In other ways, it’s a decidedly capitalist system taking the money from hard working folks in the streets and putting it back in the pockets of big businessmen.

With out-of-state investors all over, the game has changed, for better or for worse. Still, one thing has remained the same: marijuana is big, big business. As long as people still consume weed, whether they use a weed card or a back alley dealer, there will be money in the industry.

The Big Business of California Medical Marijuana

Instead of simply harping on about the cash going from the streets to the corporations, we wanted to offer some stone cold facts about weed in our great state. Here are a few facts about the money in California medical marijuana:

  • The Big Bucks: On an annual basis, the California medical marijuana industry produces over $2.7 billion in sales every year.
  • The Majority: While Colorado tends to get a lot of marijuana press these days, California still has more stoners than anyone else. The California medical marijuana industry accounts for over half of all legal marijuana sales in the United States.
  • Doubling Down On Doobies: California will vote on recreational marijuana this fall. If the bill passes, most experts predict the California medical marijuana industry will double by 2020. No more weed cards – just a lot of weed, if the bill passes.
  • Taxing Benefits: Many suspect the legalization of recreational weed could be great for tax revenues. Some quick math shows that a small area of high-tech growhouses in Humboldt County could nearly double budgets for city governments.
  • New Jobs: Part of the new recreational marijuana bill includes provisions for hiring local workers. Many provisions require at least half of the workers in the production of legal cannabis to be local residents. Many mayors see the bill as a way to bring new jobs to the struggling economy.

Get Your Weed Card Today

Despite California medical marijuana being such a big business, there’s fair opposition to the coming bill in November. Instead of waiting for your recreational weed to be legalized, you can get your hands on a medical cannabis card today. Head over to MMJRecs and see how to do just that in ten minutes or less!