Lou Gehrig’s disease

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) is also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease after the famous baseball player who died from the disease in 1941. ALS is a neurological disease that can break down nerve cells in the spinal cord, brain and motor cortex. The disease turns deadly quickly because it prevents the brain’s neurons from getting nourishment, which causes the loss of involuntary movement. As a result, people who suffer from ALS can eventually lose the ability to eat, speak, move and even breathe.

Once a diagnosis of ALS is made in a patient, the average lifespan is two to five years. The scary part about the disease is it’s unknown how it is caused. Only five to ten percent of ALS cases in the United States are inherited. The other 90 to 95 percent of the cases are sporadic.

There is no cure for ALS at this time and the prevention treatments are limited. Medical cannabis has long been known as an option to help relieve the symptoms of ALS, so it’s definitely worth purchasing a medical cannabis card for you or your loved one who suffers from the disease.

Proven Results from Medical Cannabis Usage

One great example of a positive outcome of medical cannabis usage comes from a man who began experiencing symptoms of ALS back in 1998. He was losing the ability to move his right arm and was having trouble swallowing. In this case, the man had been using cannabis for decades. The progression of his symptoms was so slow that he continued living normally for another 14 years. At that point, he increased the dose of cannabis oil to one gram each day and regained complete control of his arm in ten days.

Examples like this prompted researchers to investigate the benefits of getting a weed card for people, since it appeared to help ALS symptoms. Although there isn’t any scientific proof yet that medical marijuana has the ability to cure ALS, it definitely shows signs of being a great way to slow and even prevent the development of the disease.

Accessing Medical Marijuana

The symptoms of ALS are difficult to live with, but medical marijuana can help many of them, like appetite loss, depression, sleeping problems and more. If you or a loved one may be suffering from symptoms of ALS, it’s time to look into getting a medical marijuana card online.

Each state has different regulations when it comes to getting a medical marijuana card, so be sure to contact us for help in speeding up the process. With ALS being such a serious and life-threatening disease, you don’t want to wait very long to take action to at least help relieve some of the pain of the symptoms.