Making MMJ Edibles At Home: Is It Worth It?

Edibles are one of the best forms of medical marijuana. What other medication can you think of that combines sweet treats with medicinal goodness? MMJ edibles are readily available in dispensaries, but many people consider making them themselves at home, questioning whether it’s worth it. Like most things, there are positives and negatives that you need to consider.

Medical marijuana is now a widely accepted form of treatment for many symptoms associated with conditions and illnesses including cancer, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, anxiety, depression, and eating disorders. While some states have legalized marijuana for recreational reasons, there are many more that have legalized it for medical use, meaning it has never been easier for patients to access a natural remedy to help them cope with debilitating symptoms.

There are many forms in which you can take medical marijuana, and MMJ edibles are one of the most popular. Simply put, edibles are foods that have been infused with medical marijuana. There are many different kinds, but they are usually cakes or sweets, such as cookies, brownies, lollipops, and other candies. They are easy to consume and are easily disguised if you wish to keep the fact that you take medical marijuana to yourself. Other forms of medical marijuana include lotions, vapes, tinctures, joints, and oils.

MMJ Recs - lollipops

Did you know you can even infuse lollipops with MMJ?!

The main positive of homemade MMJ edibles is the same as any homemade treat. You know exactly what is going into them and can control the level of medical marijuana present, as well as the sugar and fat if you’re making something like brownies. Homemade will usually be healthier and tastier than anything that can be bought in a store. On the downside, it can be time-consuming and sometimes difficult to make your own edibles. It is not the same as making regular brownies or cookies; you have to prepare a specific type of butter or fat to infuse the medical marijuana into your homemade treats.

Preparing cannabis butter can be difficult, but it can be done at home if you’re really set on making your own MMJ edibles. The first thing you’ll need to do is to visit your local dispensary and buy some cannabis buds. Make sure you get the strain of medical marijuana that you usually get if you buy edibles, as different strains have very different effects on the body. If you’re unsure of the strain that works for you, it’s best to speak to someone at your local dispensary and get some advice, trying out the strain in different forms before you try making your own MMJ edibles at home. Once you have the buds of a strain you’re happy with, bring them home and grind them into a fine powder. Melt some butter in a pan and add your powdered cannabis. Simmer on a low heat for about 45 minutes, strain through a fine mesh cloth, and chill. Now your cannabis butter is ready to be used as any kind of fat in a recipe for cookies, brownies, or candies.

MMJ Recs - cannabis butter

Cannabis butter is the key ingredient in MMJ edibles.

Once you have your cannabis butter ready to go, you can be as creative or simple as you like. The only limit you really have is your own imagination. Edibles are a good way to take medical marijuana incognito, as no one tends to suspect baked goods of being anything more than what they appear. It’s just important to be aware of the legislation anywhere you’re traveling to if you bring your edibles on the road. It is never advisable to break the law if you’re traveling, so it is important to remember that marijuana is still illegal at a federal level, despite being legal for medicinal reasons in several states. If you’re crossing state lines into a state where MMJ is illegal and you really need to bring your edibles with you, just try to keep them on your person, but make sure you don’t share them with anyone. The last thing you need is someone reacting badly to your medication! This type of discretion is quite common among people who have to take medical marijuana, as there is still a lot of stigma surrounding its use.

The choice to make MMJ edibles at home is a personal one, but it can be very rewarding if done properly. As long as you do your proper research and ensure you don’t make them too weak or too strong, your homemade MMJ edibles will be tasty treats that allow you to manage the symptoms of your condition in a truly delicious manner.