Should Medical Marijuana Candy Be a Thing?

Some cannabis card holders may say the question is redundant. Medical marijuana candy already most definitely is a “thing.” The real questions are: Should it be welcomed as an appropriate method of consumption, and should it be as readily available and promoted as all other forms of MMJ?

Actually, we should really be asking ourselves, “Why shouldn’t medical marijuana candy be a thing?” Consuming your MMJ via candy comes with no health risk, so it makes no sense as to why it wouldn’t be a viable option. The only time where this isn’t true is for those with a sugar-sensitive illness such as diabetes or certain forms of cancer. In those cases, it is better to opt for a different method of consumption.

The great thing about medical marijuana is how dynamic it is. People have come up with all sorts of ways to consume it, and the development of MMJ candy is just another fantastic addition to the ever-growing list of consumption methods. This can only be viewed as a good thing as everyone’s needs are different. If there are plenty of options available, then people are able to choose the method best suited to them and their treatment plan.

Why Medical Marijuana Candy Is a Good Thing

MMJ Recs - gummibarchen

Medical marijuana candy is very discreet to eat, which is important for most cannabis card holders.

A good argument for the promotion of medical marijuana candy as a method of consumption is its ease of use. Candy, by nature, is very easy to consume. You simply pop it in your mouth, and off you go! Additionally, candy is very discreet to eat, which is important for most cannabis card holders who want to consume without drawing attention to themselves.

A great thing about medical marijuana candy is that is makes consuming MMJ more palatable. Some cannabis card holders can find consuming the plant in other forms much harder to stomach, even in normal edible form. This is especially true for those suffering from digestion problems. Medical marijuana candy masks the taste of the cannabis, which means that even those with the most sensitive stomachs can consume with ease.

Things to Consider When Consuming MMJ Candy

Some people may argue that medical marijuana candy shouldn’t be a thing simply because they could land in the hands of children. Kids are naturally curious creatures, and anything left lying around could be accidentally consumed by little ones. This is especially true for kids under 5 who don’t quite have a grasp on what they should and shouldn’t eat. Although this is particularly a problem for younger children, it poses a risk to older ones, too, due to the fact that they look and taste like normal candy.

As with any other potential hazards for your kids, the best way to avoid them getting their mitts on your MMJ candy is to make sure it is kept out of their reach at all times. Additionally, it’s probably a good idea not to consume it when they’re around, or else there will only be a temper tantrum when you say you can’t share the treats with them. Plus, you’ll be undoing Barney’s “sharing is caring” work! If they never see the candy, they’ll never ask for it, so it’s best to keep it out of sight.

The exception to this rule is if your child is the cannabis card holder in your family. In this case, MMJ-infused candy could work as a great method of consumption for them due to the fact they don’t have a strong weed taste and that you can limit their dosage.

Thankfully, cannabis card holders aren’t short on options if they’re looking to invest in some medical marijuana candy. There are a number of MMJ candy manufacturers working in the U.S., and their range of sweets is getting more and more diverse.

The Best Medical Marijuana Candy Your Cannabis Card Can Buy

MMJ Recs - chocolate

If chocolate is your thing, opt for Punch Combos, a chocolate bar that is packed with cannabinoids.

If you’re looking for something with a great THC-to-CBD ratio, go for Dixie Mints, a tasty pack of mints that come in orange, peppermint and mixed-berry flavor. Chill Pills from The Growing Kitchen are hard candies with a high CBD count, which is great for relieving pain, inflammation and insomnia. If chocolate is more your thing, then opt for Punch Combos, a chocolate bar that is packed with cannabinoids. For the vintage candy fans among us, you can’t get better than Remedy Plus’s huge range of old-school candies that are bound to ignite some nostalgia in you. All these products are available state-wide in California once you have a cannabis card.

If you’ve thought it over and decided candy isn’t exactly your thing, perhaps you could be more tempted by edibles instead? They’re just as delicious, and you can make them in the comfort of your own home. Why not check out our 4 Sweet Medical Marijuana Edibles Recipes and our 4 Savory Medical Marijuana Edibles Recipes.

Medical marijuana candy provides another dynamic way for cannabis holders to consume, so there’s no real argument for it not to be a thing. Anything offered to the market that can make patients treatment plans easier or more comfortable should be embraced wholeheartedly.