MMJ vs. Modern Day Medicine: Which Is More Effective?

In today’s world, people are becoming more and more health conscious. Unless you have been living off the grid for the past few years, you will surely have heard of MMJ. This is an alternative form of medicine which people are trying in place of modern day conventional medicine. There have been reports of successful outcomes from using this herb as medicine, but it is also worth mentioning that a lot more research still needs to take place in order to confirm its efficacy for certain diseases and illnesses.

Using marijuana as medicine dates way back to 2737 BC, when the Chinese emperor Shen Neng prescribed it in the form of tea as medicine. It was believed to have helped various illnesses such as gout, rheumatism, malaria and pain in general. The use of this herb gradually spread all over the world, but in 1937 was outlawed by the American Government. Today, it can still be used medicinally as long as it is prescribed by a medical professional.

Medicinal Benefits of Medical Marijuana

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The one downside to using MMJ is that it’s only currently legal in 29 US states, so not everyone has access to it.

There are numerous benefits of using marijuana medicinally. For instance, people have reported that it helps with epileptic seizures, glaucoma and slowing Alzheimer’s, as well as preventing the spread of cancer and helping with depression and anxiety. Furthermore, it can be taken in various ways to suit the patient.

For instance, it may be easier for some people such as children to take medical cannabis in the form of tinctures, where a few drops are placed under the tongue. Another way is of course to smoke it, although this may not be ideal to some, it does provide a more instant effect compared to the tinctures.

If there are so many benefits then why doesn’t everybody turn to this naturally growing plant to cure disease? Firstly, medical marijuana is only currently legal in 29 US states, so it is not yet available to everybody and there is a procedure to follow if you would like to try this method of medicine. You must have proof that you are a resident in one of the legalized states and your condition has to be on the list of eligibility.

The next step is to find a doctor who is qualified to prescribe medical marijuana. Only then will you be able to obtain an MMJ card and take it to the dispensary for the cannabis medication.  Despite the growing popularity of this plant, there is still skepticism over its effectiveness.

In terms of pharmaceutical drugs, which the majority of people turn to when they have an illness, they are much easier to obtain and have helped greatly to fight and ease the symptoms of illnesses from the flu to cancer. Moreover, the nature of modern medicine is entirely science-based, focusing on surgery, drugs and radiation to treat the symptoms.

Downside of Using Modern Day Medicine

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The downside to using modern day medicine is that possibility for addiction and abuse.

Nonetheless, there is also a downside to conventional medicine. Not only is the addiction and abuse of pharmaceutical drugs on the rise, but for some people they simply do not work at all. This could be largely due to a case of the infections or disease adapting to certain drugs. Another reason as to why people may prefer to opt away from using modern medicine is the side effects that come with them.

Drowsiness, upset stomachs, fatigue and muscle aches are just some of the undesirable effects that can be caused by certain drugs, and could explain why many are looking for a more natural and unconventional alternative.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Overall, there are pros and cons to both medical marijuana and conventional medicine. If you want to try medical marijuana, it is more complicated to obtain and you will have to go through a number of steps to see if you are eligible. It can also be very pricey and there are limited dispensaries which have this form of medicine.

On the other hand, there have been promising results from people in the legalized states claiming to have seen major improvements in their ailments and illnesses with the use of marijuana. Furthermore, the side effects are less severe compared to conventional medicine ,as it is a natural herb, although taking it in the form of smoking may cause respiratory problems.

With modern day medicine, it is widely available and in certain situations, would be more suited to treating patients for example when a physical intervention is needed such as surgery. It is also scientifically backed and has helped many people fight infections and disease.

The downside is that people can become reliant on certain pharmaceutical drugs, such as painkillers, and the side effects can be very unpleasant for instance in the case of chemotherapy to treat cancer where hair loss and loss of appetite is common.

Overall, medical marijuana can come across as a safer option, but is not without its disadvantages, and modern day medicine has been proven to work, but its efficacy today is starting to be questioned. Whichever form of medicine you choose, it is subjective and dependent on your history, type of illness and personal preference.