Muscular Dystrophy

Muscular dystrophy is characterized as a group of multiple disorders, which can cause the deterioration of skeletal muscle tissue and muscle weakness. Since the disorders are degenerative, keeping people pain-free as their pain increases is the biggest challenge for medical professionals.

Since muscular dystrophy is genetic, people as young as infants can experience the symptoms. The pain level generally isn’t very high when compared to other muscular conditions. However, most people will suffer from some level of joint pain, muscle stiffness, cramps and spasms.

Best Treatment Options for Muscular Dystrophy

Standard painkillers are a popular choice for dealing with the muscle pains, but a decent amount of physical exercise, therapy and respiratory care can help as well. In addition, medical cannabis is becoming a popular treatment option because of its ability to alleviate some of the pain associated with muscular dystrophy.

People who have a medical cannabis card, and use cannabis in some form, have enjoyed nearly instantaneous relief from their muscle pain. A lot of this is due to the relaxing effects it has on the muscles and body in general.

Even though medical marijuana has proven effective, the lack of scientific evidence prevents medical professionals from recommending it primarily. Since comprehensive studies are lacking, many of the recommendations come from real-life examples of people who have used medical marijuana to help with their pain from muscular dystrophy. In general, people who have gotten a medical marijuana card online say the treatment has improved their quality of life drastically.

Obtaining Your Medical Marijuana Card for Muscular Dystrophy Treatment

When it comes to treating muscle pain, some of the opiates you can take have adverse side effects, which can possibly be worse than the original pain itself. That is one of the main reasons why people consider taking medical cannabis. It has the healing effects without the negative side effects.

Of course, marijuana has a bad name because many people abuse it. However, when taken in moderation for medical purposes, researchers have indicated the positive benefits it can have for people suffering from many types of pain.

It’s important to understand medical marijuana is not going to cure your muscular dystrophy. Since it’s a genetic disorder, nothing will completely cure it. As mentioned previously, the biggest battle is getting the pain level under control so you can live your life as closely to normal as possible.

Getting your medical marijuana card in California isn’t too difficult. As long as you have a qualifying condition, then you can easily go online and get it in most cases. The symptoms of muscular dystrophy are generally classified as qualifying conditions, but if you’re unsure, feel free to contact us and we can help you through the process to get you back on the road to recovery!