Nail-patella syndrome

Nail-patella syndrome is a rare disorder, which causes abnormalities in the nails, elbows, knees and pelvis. It is a genetic disorder that is believed to affect 1 in 50,000 people. It is also commonly referred to as HOOD disease, Fong’s disease, Turner-Kieser syndrome or onycho-osteodysplasia.

People who suffer from Nail-patella syndrome may not have any nails at all, or their nails could be underdeveloped, split, pitted or ridged. In more serious cases, patients may experience irregularly shaped kneecaps, awkwardly angled elbows or even growths on the pelvis bone. In addition, increased pressure on the eyes could cause people to develop glaucoma as a result.

The diagnosis for nail-patella syndrome could be made prenatally, but many cases aren’t diagnosed until birth, or even weeks or months afterward, once abnormalities begin to develop.

Treatment Options for Nail-Patella Syndrome

Since the severity of nail-patella syndrome varies, treatment options could range from taking a simple medication to having surgery. Since the disorder can cause abnormal growths of different body parts, surgery may be required to replace a kneecap or remove a growth on the pelvis.

However, most people just need something to help manage the pain associated with nail-patella syndrome. That’s where obtaining a medical cannabis card comes into the picture. Medical marijuana has long been known as a painkiller that is safer, and sometimes more effective, than prescription painkillers.

Since nail-patella syndrome can develop into more serious diseases, like glaucoma and kidney disease, people are turning to getting a weed card instead of taking traditional painkillers. Studies continue to prove the effectiveness of medical marijuana for lowering both chronic and acute pain levels due to the THC and CBD cannabinoids. If people opt for surgery for severe cases of Nail-patella syndrome, medical marijuana can help relieve the pain just enough to help the recovery process.

Obtaining a Medical Marijuana Card

While it can be easy to buy a medical marijuana card online, you have to make sure the state you live in considers Nail-patella syndrome to be a qualifying condition. Only a few states currently recognize it as a qualifying condition, so you will have to do a little homework. However, most states will allow you to get a medical marijuana card online if you have a recommendation from a physician.

Nail-patella syndrome is an uncomfortable disorder to live with, but if you decide not to treat it, you could be putting yourself at risk of developing other diseases. If you are showing any signs or symptoms of nail-patella syndrome, then contact us immediately and we will go over your options for obtaining a medical marijuana card. You may be able to deal with the discomfort today, but a small amount of medical marijuana can help prevent other larger issues from happening down the road!