Why Is The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Industry Set To Hit $350M?

Recent years have seen Oklahoma marijuana on the rise – and that’s something of an understatement! The OK MMJ industry has positively sky-rocketed into the stratosphere since its birth in June 2018. The Oklahoma MMJ industry reaching $350M in sales is on the very near horizon. State authorities project that MMJ sales in OK will hit that huge number by the end of 2020, a mere 18 months since MMJ was legalized in the state.

Leading industry figures, campaigners, medical professionals, and would-be customers always predicted that the marijuana market in Oklahoma would prove popular and lucrative, but the truth has surpassed even the most confident predictions. So what has brought the Oklahoma medical marijuana industry up to $350M?

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Image by Futurefilmworks on Pixabay: Recent years have seen Oklahoma marijuana on the rise.

Oklahoma Tax Commission MMJ Sales Figures For 2019 Are Eye-Opening

Figures released by the Oklahoma Tax Commission have surprised even the most positive supporters of the medical marijuana market in Oklahoma. According to the official figures, medical marijuana sales in OK amounted to over $258 million in the first ten months of 2019 and will top $350 million by the end of the year. These numbers are staggering and surpass even the boldest sales projections that were being made before MMJ was legalized in the state.

Why Is Medical Marijuana So Popular In Oklahoma?

The Oklahoma MMJ industry reaching $350M is not such a giant surprise when you consider how popular MMJ has proven to be with patients and doctors in the Sooner State. Already, over 5% of Oklahoma citizens are registered MMJ users. This is the highest per capita usage of any state in the country.

The marijuana market in Oklahoma is huge – and for good reason. The industry is fantastically well-run, competition between sellers is massive, and the product is of very high quality. Red tape and government interference are virtually non-existent, so the industry is free to provide the customer with exactly what they desire. The OK MMJ market is the freest MMJ market in the country.

MMJ Qualifying Conditions In Oklahoma Are Extremely Liberal

Another reason why the marijuana market in Oklahoma is so vast is that the state has no hard and fast list of qualifying conditions. Unlike in most other states, the decision as to whether a patient would benefit from MMJ usage is left totally up to the discretion of the examining medical professional. This means a patient can get an MMJ card in Oklahoma if they suffer from any medical condition at all that they and their doctor believe could be helped by MMJ usage.

The Oklahoma MMJ Industry Provides Excellent Customer Service

Oklahoma MMJ city profits are huge because the product and customer service are just so good. The customer service at OK dispensaries, as well as the products available, is of a higher quality than in most other MMJ states. Under State Question 788, there are no limits on the number of business licenses that can be issued; this has led to a massive amount of dispensaries opening in the state – over 2,000 as of November 2019. This means that competition is rife, and unless customer service and product are top-quality, businesses will fail. This lack of government restriction enables the industry to provide its customers with the crème de la crème of MMJ programs, and so unsurprisingly, the industry booms.

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Image by DavidCardinez on Pixabay: Oklahoma MMJ city profits are massive.

The MMJ Industry Benefits From Oklahoma’s Libertarian Mindset

The marijuana market in Oklahoma benefits from the free-market ethos that exists in the state. Oklahomans tend to believe in small government. This helps the industry to provide exactly what the customer desires. This libertarian mindset has played a big part in the Oklahoma MMJ industry reaching $350M.

What Growth Is On The Horizon For Oklahoma In 2020?

With the Oklahoma MMJ industry reaching $350M in sales by the end of 2019, it is difficult to see anything but more impressive growth happening in 2020. There has been a huge uptake of MMJ licenses in the state, but it is still only approximately 5% of Oklahomans that have an MMJ license, so the market has a lot of room to expand.

With the free market offering up better and better customer service, as well as more innovative and high-quality products, it is easy to see the marijuana market in Oklahoma becoming a real industry leader – and the state becoming a mecca for medical marijuana innovation in 2020.

What Challenges Could The Oklahoma MMJ Industry Face In 2020?

The main challenge the OK MMJ industry faces in 2020 is government interference. But this seems unlikely to happen. The state government will not want to get in the way of what has proven to be an extremely popular and profitable industry that is bringing a lot of value to the state. And the federal government has shown no signs of wanting to get involved with how states manage their own MMJ programs.

How Can People Get An MMJ Recommendation In OK?

The best way to get an MMJ card in Oklahoma is to do it online via MMJRecs. This allows you to consult with an OK medical professional and get your MMJ license from the comfort of your own home.

With the Oklahoma medical marijuana industry up to $350M in sales, the state’s MMJ program has quickly become an industry leader and a shining beacon for other states. This is a great time to be an MMJ industry worker or customer in Oklahoma. Long may the golden age of Oklahoma MMJ continue!

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