Is it Safe to Consume Medical Marijuana Around Children?

As the medical marijuana card revolution spreads across the United States, MMJ-using parents are now facing the tough question of whether or not they should consume the plant around their kids. Although MMJ isn’t as mind altering as other legalized substances like alcohol, there are still risks associated with consuming medical cannabis around children.

While other safe consumption methods may be up for debate, we can categorically tell you that smoking medical marijuana around your children is bad for them. Like cigarettes, when you smoke cannabis around children, you’re compromising their air quality through your own selfish decisions.

There is no amount of secondhand smoke that is not harmful to children, and breathing it in can lead to them developing a number of serious health issues like asthma, respiratory issues, ear infections and even sudden infant death syndrome.

Study on Children and Secondhand MMJ

Just like smoking tobacco is harmful to children, so is the secondhand smoke from medical cannabis.

According to Dr. Karen Wilson, a pediatrician and author of a study on the effects of secondhand marijuana consumption in children, parents and guardians need to take serious precautions to make sure kids aren’t left susceptible to ingesting or inhaling MMJ.

During her study, Dr. Wilson found that “there is a strong association between those who said there was someone in the home who used marijuana or a caretaker who used marijuana and the child having detectable marijuana levels”.

The children in the study had their urine samples sent to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, which tested it for traces of marijuana. In children who had been expose to marijuana use, 75% had traces of marijuana in their urine.

Vaping Around Children

As vaping is a relatively new phenomenon, researchers are still unsure about whether or not children are at risk of being exposed to medical marijuana consumed via vaporizer. While there is no cloud of harmful smoke produced through vaporizing, a plume of mist does take its place, so it is reasonable to assume that this exhaled vapor may contain traces of MMJ.

As vaporizers need nothing except a firm pull to be ignited, if left unattended, you could find an eager child trying to copy you by sucking on the mouth piece. To avoid this, always make sure your vaporizer – and all your other MMJ equipment – is well out of the the reach of little, curious hands.

Medical Cannabis Edibles and Children

Initial research for MMJ edibles suggests that even low levels of THC exposure can have a negative effect on children.

Nothing is more tempting to a child than a tasty treat lying just within their reach. While an MMJ packed brownie might be just the thing that you need to ease the symptoms of your ailment, if it falls into the wrong hands, you could be making an unplanned trip to the Emergency Room.

If you’re consuming MMJ edibles around kids, make sure to keep them out of their reach. To avoid any arguments, you’re better off to consume them out of their line of vision too. Any refusals to share your delicious treat will be met with a volcanic temper tantrum, so do your best to avoid this situation.

Research into whether or not exposure to smokeless medical marijuana is bad for children is still relatively inconclusive, as there hasn’t been enough studies on the topic yet. Although there is still uncertainty, initial research would suggest that even low levels of THC exposure can have a negative effect on children, particularly affecting their development. These negative effects have been observed in every age bracket, from babies to teenagers.

Better Safe Than Sorry

To avoid exposing your little ones to the harmful effects of medical marijuana, it’s advised that MMJ card holders opt to consume the plant through ‘less exposable’ methods. These methods would include the use of tinctures, patches and MMJ infused drinks and edibles (once kept out of the reach of little hands). These methods, once administered correctly, won’t expose anyone but yourself to the effects of your medical marijuana.

Always set your MMJ doses out early and never have more on you than you’ll need if you know you’re going to be around children.

Although there are perfectly safe ways to consume medical marijuana around children, it’s prudent to remember not to consume too much. If you consume too much MMJ, you’re jeopardizing your ability to properly look after children, thusly potentially putting them in serious danger.

Though most MMJ card holders are fully aware of safe dosage levels, it can be easier than you think to consume too much, especially if your mind is distracted by looking after little ones. If you’re around kids and are worried about accidentally consuming too much MMJ, make sure to set your doses out early and to never have more MMJ on you than you’ll need in that day.

Consuming medical marijuana around children is no problem, once it’s carried out under the right circumstances. In any situation, the safety of the children should be paramount and where possible, should take precedence over your need to consume. If you’re still unsure on this topic, or if you’d like to know more about getting a medical marijuana card, get in touch with us and we’ll tell you everything you need to know.