Seizures occur when brain function is disturbed, which causes changes in a person’s behavior or attention. These changes are generally caused when the electrical signals in the brain get abnormally excited. Some people deal with seizures all the time like it’s part of their daily routine, but others experience much more severe consequences.

The severity of seizures can range from extended staring spells to shaking uncontrollably to loss of consciousness. The difference in the severity just depends on what part of the brain is involved. Most people recognize when someone is having a seizure just by the shaking or twitching of the body, which is a common symptom.

Symptoms and Treatments for Seizures

One of the most difficult parts of living with seizures is the suddenness of symptoms, which can occur within a few seconds or minutes. You could be fine one minute, but the next minute you could lose consciousness, lose muscle control, start twitching or jerking or even twisting your body due to tightness in the muscles.

Since seizures are so common (affecting nearly 3 million Americans), medications can control seizures in about 7 out of 10 patients. What researchers are concerned about is the other three patients in that sample dealing with pain. Some of the traditional medications can have adverse side effects, like slurred speech, double vision, unsteadiness and mood changes, among others.

Studies are ongoing to try to confirm the effectiveness of medical marijuana as a treatment option for seizures. However, that hasn’t stopped people from buying an online medical marijuana card to help their situation.

Many people who suffer from seizures have found a great amount of relief by taking small doses of medical cannabis, either on its own or in combination with regular medication. Possibly the best part about taking medical marijuana is it does not come with the negative side effects you may experience with traditional medications.

Medical Marijuana Can Help With Seizures

Most medical marijuana doctors in California will recommend, or at least suggest, the use of cannabis to help deal with seizures. The lack of proven evidence through research is overshadowed by the positive results people have had from using it.

Having control of your body and not having to wonder when you are going to have your next seizure makes it much easier to live a happier lifestyle. Getting a weed card in California isn’t too difficult if you experience seizures frequently, so it’s definitely worth checking out.

If you decide you want to look into the possibility of getting a medical marijuana card, be sure to contact us to get more information. We can help you throughout the process so you can get back on the road to living a normal life without having to worry about when your next seizure will happen.