Why You Shouldn’t Buy Medical Marijuana Off The Street

Before California legalized medical marijuana, buying MMJ on the street or from a dealer was pretty much the only way to attain it. But then Governor Gray Davis passed SB 420, or the Medical Marijuana Protection Act, that allows medical cannabis to be used by everyone in California, provided that they have an official California medical marijuana card. MMJ dispensaries have since popped up all over the state, meaning that there’s no need to buy medical marijuana on the street anymore.  But some people still do!

We can’t understand this mentality; perhaps it’s laziness or they are so used to this method that they don’t know how to change. Maybe it’s that they haven’t registered for an online medical card in California or don’t know how to get a med card (it’s really easy, you can apply online on this very site), but there are still a fair amount of people buying MMJ from illegal dealers. Let’s put a stop to this, shall we?

Here are a list of very strong reasons why you shouldn’t buy medical marijuana off the street.

It’s illegal

buy medical marijuana law

If you buy medical marijuana off the street you run the risk of being arrested.

Did you know that there are more people in jail the US for marijuana-related crimes than all violent crimes put together? This is insanity and one reason why weed legalization is sweeping the United States. Let’s not give the cops an excuse to put anyone away. One way we can do this is to stick to buying medical marijuana from officially registered dispensaries.

Getting a medical card in California is so easy and once you have your cannabis card you can walk into any registered dispensary and stock up on a supply of MMJ that will last you months. The reasons for not buying MMJ on the street are manifold but probably the highest on the list is that you don’t run the risk of getting a fine, a criminal record or spending time in prison.



It’s dangerous

Let’s put aside the risk of incarceration for a second. By mixing with a criminal element, you run the risk of becoming a victim of a violent crime. This is not hyperbole, just common sense. If you are fraternizing with criminals then you are putting yourself in a situation where violence is commonly used as a way to resolve disagreements. Is that a risk you really want to take? Wouldn’t you rather register for a medical cannabis card online and get your MMJ legally and safely?

buy medical marijuana crime

When people buy medical marijuana illegally, it encourages criminality.

It feeds crime

If you buy medical marijuana off the street then you are actively encouraging a criminal lifestyle for the person selling you the weed and the people that supply him or her. The detrimental effects of this both on the people directly involved and the people indirectly involved (neighbors, family members, friends, etc.) have been proven time and time again. As for the negative effects that drug dealing has on society as a whole, a little common sense will reveal that pouring your own money into this problem is selfish and morally egregious.

If you engage your social conscience, do you really want to be tacitly responsible for the grief and pain that implicitly accompanies such criminal activities? Especially if there’s such an easy way to avoid it and still get exactly what you want on a regular basis?

Putting your money into legal registered dispensaries means that not only is it all above board and legal, the shops’ profits are taxed. This means that your money is going back into a system that helps our country progress and encourages assistance for those in need.

You don’t know what you’re getting

Just for fun, let’s put aside the danger of running foul of the law as well as the moral guilt of funding a criminal enterprise and focus on you and your health. If you buy medical marijuana off the street, you have no idea what the person selling it has done to it. No matter how long you have known your dealer, you cannot guarantee that the weed that you get from them has not been tinkered with.

While medical marijuana dispensaries have to abide by government regulations as well as advertising standards, criminals do not. So when you buy your favorite strain of MMJ from a qualified budmaster, you can be as sure of its quality as possible. If you buy medical marijuana illegally, however, you have no guarantee of quality and leaves you open to the dangers of your weed being ‘spiked’ with other harmful drugs and toxins.

Buy medical marijuana in a dispensary: it’s a much better experience

Whether you meet your dealer on the street, search for anyone who looks a bit shifty on ‘the wrong side of town’ or even get your weed delivered to your door, more often than not, buying marijuana illegally is going to be an unpleasant experience. There’s an air of sleaziness, risk of being busted and a concern that you may get ripped off. We’ve even heard stories of people buying bags of nettles, being ‘stung’ both figuratively and metaphorically!

Going into your local medical marijuana dispensary, however, is a totally different experience altogether. You will be served by registered and qualified budmasters who have a clear passion about medical marijuana and can talk you through the different strains and which ones will help to treat certain afflictions or ailments. Whether you’re a novice or an expert on MMJ, it’s always advisable to talk to the staff at these dispensaries and get their opinions on which strain is best for you.