Sjogren’s Syndrome

Sjogren’s syndrome is characterized as an autoimmune disorder, and is generally associated with creating dry eyes and a dry mouth in patients. The reasoning behind those symptoms is the moisture-secreting glands and mucous membranes of the mouth and eyes will actually decrease the production of saliva and tears.

It’s still unknown as to why people develop Sjogren’s syndrome, but many signs point to an infection being the triggering event. It’s also possible a certain genetic issue puts people at a higher risk of developing the disorder. Sjogren’s syndrome is commonly found in women over the age of 40, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible for other people to develop it.

Dealing With Sjogren’s Syndrome

In addition to experiencing dry eyes and a dry mouth, people could also suffer from swollen salivary glands, joint swelling and pain, skin rashes, persistent cough, vaginal dryness and fatigue. In more severe cases, Sjogren’s syndrome also attacks the lungs, liver, kidneys, thyroid, joints and skin.

The discomfort as a result of Sjogren’s syndrome is something people generally control with medications. The point is to try to increase saliva production, as well as manage pain. There currently isn’t a cure for the disorder, so pain management is the main treatment. Believe it or not, many people are beginning to get a medical cannabis card due to increased awareness of medical cannabis’s healing effects of medical cannabis.

Why Medical Marijuana?

THC and CBD are the two major cannabinioids found in cannabis, and research shows them to be the components to help alleviate pain in patients. In addition, studies indicate medical marijuana can regulate the immune system by preventing it from attacking healthy cells, and ultimately preventing Sjogren’s syndrome from developing.

Getting a medical marijuana card online can be beneficial in more ways than one. Since Sjogren’s syndrome can work in conjunction with other autoimmune disorders like lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, medical marijuana could provide multiple functions. Not only will it help alleviate the pain and discomfort resulting from Sjogren’s syndrome, but it can also help prevent other related disorders from developing.

Medical marijuana can also slow the potential long-term damage associated with Sjogren’s syndrome. While other medications are necessary for trying to minimize the symptoms, medical cannabis is great to use to help completely relieve any pain.

While Sjogren’s syndrome isn’t directly considered to be a qualifying condition for obtaining a medical marijuana card in California, it’s pretty easy to get one with a physician’s recommendation. However, it still may be best if you contact us before you begin the process of applying for your medical marijuana card, so we can identify any issues that could prevent you from succeeding. We are here to help you every step of the way to ensure the process goes smoothly.