Spinal Cord Disease

The spinal cord transmits information to the brain for sensory information, motor information and reflexes. When there is damage to the spinal cord, you could experience pain in a variety of ways. Despite common conception, spinal cord disease is not the same thing as spinal cord injury, since the latter can lead to many more diseases.

People can experience either longitudinal or segmental spinal cord disease. Longitudinal creates the loss of function in the entire sensory or motor systems. Segmental can create smaller sensory losses, which can gradually become worse.

Types of Spinal Cord Disease and Treatment Options

Spinal cord disease can be characterized with dozens of different diseases and conditions. Some examples include hydromyelia, arachnoiditis, Alzheimer’s, ALS, multiple sclerosis, Tarlov cysts, Parkinson’s, syringomelia and many more.

Treatment options for these diseases all differ, but there is one universal treatment option for them all. Medical marijuana has long been believed to have healing and pain relief effects when it comes to different diseases and conditions, including spinal cord disease. The good thing about it is most people with these diseases will qualify to get a medical marijuana card online!

Effectiveness of Medical Marijuana

With the different types of spinal cord disease, the symptoms and pain levels will vary from case to case. Above all, medical cannabis acts as an effective anti-inflammatory and painkiller, and it’s believed to be much safer than traditional medications. However, in order to help prevent the symptoms from worsening, sometimes you can’t take medical marijuana on its own. The adverse side effects from prescription medication can be enough to make people just want to suffer, but medical marijuana helps relieve patients of those side effects as well, making the treatment easier to handle.

Studies are constantly ongoing to prove the effectiveness of medical marijuana. However, when you hear the success stories from people who have used it, it’s hard to argue against getting a medical cannabis card. Not only will it help with the pain, but it can act as a sleep aid, anti-depressant, appetite increaser and more.

The ability to relax the body can be difficult with the pain from different spinal cord diseases. Medical marijuana is one of the best ways to live pain free because of the relaxing components.

If you or a loved one is suffering from any type of spinal cord disease, be sure to contact us right away. We can help you get your medical marijuana card in California quickly and easily. Anyone who suffers from spinal cord disease will likely experience a qualifying condition, so you won’t have to worry about being denied. We want to help you get back to living the comfortable life you deserve!