Spinal cord injury

Spinal cord injuries occur when a person suffers a dislodged bone fragment, disc material or ligament damage that harms the spinal tissue, and ultimately causes trauma to the spine. While spinal cord injury generally isn’t very common, people who experience it can have some pretty devastating effects to their quality of life.

Spinal cord injury is different from a common back injury because it will affect your motor functions. Since the injury takes such a toll on a normal daily life, people usually look for any alternative to help them at least deal with the pain and try to feel as normal as possible.

Symptoms and Treatment Options for Spinal Cord Injury

People suffering from spinal cord injury could experience stiffness, insomnia, blood clots, severe pain, uncontrollable bowel and bladder, anxiety, depression and sexual dysfunction. If someone is diagnosed with complete spinal cord injury, they will experience a total loss of function below the specific point of the injury. People with incomplete spinal cord injury can face different degrees of severity and will only have a partial loss of function.

Ever since the 1970s, experts have researched to show the positive effects of marijuana to help alleviate the pain for patients with spinal cord injury. Now that it’s getting easier to get a medical cannabis card, many people are turning to this solution to help with their pain levels.

At this point in time, researchers know cannabis works to help spinal cord injury, but they are still studying exactly why it works. The cannabinoids are the medical components in cannabis that offer the relief, and it works somewhat as a super painkiller since it can help just about every symptom of spinal cord injury. With such clear results from people who have used medical marijuana before, it’s no surprise that getting a weed card is one of the best options for patients.

How to Obtain Your Medical Marijuana Card

Since there is a ton of research backing the positive effects of medical marijuana, it’s now easier than ever to get your hands on some. However, you must still meet some qualifying conditions; otherwise, anyone and everyone would be trying to get their medical marijuana card for uses other than treatment.

Not all states recognize spinal cord injury as a qualifying condition, but many of the symptoms associated with the injury are. Anyone who has spinal cord injury will experience at least one of the symptoms, so all it will take is the recommendation from a physician and you’ll be able to get your medical marijuana card online, in most cases. If you have any questions about qualifying conditions or the steps you need to take, feel free to contact us and we will help you through every step of the process.