Steps You Can Take to Get Your Medical Cannabis Card in California

Luckily, you’re a Californian. The Golden State has beaches, bikinis, great weather, gorgeous landscapes, and marijuana is legal for medical purposes. Not only do you live in one of the greatest states in the United States, but you’re also able to get your medical marijuana card in California.

While this is certainly a blessing, not everyone is eligible for a medical cannabis card in California. You still need some type of medical condition to receive your card. You’ll have to see a medical marijuana doctor to know if your “symptoms” require a medical card card.

Two Ways to Get a Medical Cannabis Card

In California, every county except Mariposa, Sutter, and Colusa partake in the medical marijuana program. Every other area of California is cannabis-friendly.

1To get your medical cannabis card in person from the State, you’ll first need to get a doctor’s recommendation. You’ll also need a written documentation of your medical records. Then you’ll need:

  • Proof of identity (driver’s license, passport, etc.)
  • Proof of residency (mortgage, etc.)
  • Completed medical marijuana program application

Once you have these three things, you can apply in-person at one of the state’s offices. The process should be quick once you have all the required recommendations and documentation. Fees vary by county. You can expect fees up to $70 or more. Medi-Cal members tend to get 50% off the county’s fee.

But what if there was a better way to get your medical cannabis card? That you don’t have to step foot into a doctor’s office to get your card? What if applying in-person could be a thing of the past?

2. Enter getting your medical marijuana card online instantly. You can print out your card once a medical marijuana doctor approves you quickly online. Then you can head to the dispensary THAT DAY and shop for your medical marijuana.

An official California medical marijuana recommendation letter &/or card will then be quickly shipped to your home. You’ll officially have your card and be able to buy marijuana how and when you please. Please be aware that some dispensaries only accept the Official copy with raised seal and that is mailed subsequently to your home address the following business day.

Don’t Delay Another Day

At MMJRecs, we want to get your recommendation and photo ID card in your hands as soon as possible. Just fill in our registration form and enter some information about your condition. A doctor will immediately check out your request. Then you’ll be emailed your recommendation. It’s that simple! Just check out our services for a medical marijuana card in California today!