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5 Best Dispensaries In Pennsylvania In 2021

The Pennsylvania medical marijuana industry is going from strength to strength. MMJ patients in PA can now avail of a wide range of high-quality medicinal marijuana products that treat the symptoms of debilitating medical conditions and massively enhance quality of life. Pennsylvania state law allows 198 MMJ dispensaries to operate. Dispensaries have opened up for […]

What Does The 2020 Election Mean For Medical Marijuana?

Marijuana was legalized in five more states on Election Day in November 2020. New Jersey, Arizona, and Montana all voted to legalize recreational marijuana, while South Dakota legalized medical and recreational marijuana and Mississippi voted to legalize medical marijuana. These votes are another leap forward in the medical marijuana revolution that has been sweeping the […]

Medical Marijuana In 2021: All You Need To Know

In recent years, there have been many changes to the legislation around medical marijuana. A substance that was once classified federally as a Schedule I in the Controlled Substances Act is now, in many places, considered a breakthrough medical treatment for a variety of conditions, including chronic pain; nausea and vomiting, often associated with chemotherapy […]

Which Countries Are Next For Medical Marijuana Legalization In 2021?

Which countries have been taking steps towards medical marijuana (MMJ) legalization that could potentially be finalized in 2021 or shortly after? This question is being asked by patients all over the world who would see a massive benefit in their quality of life if they could avail of medical marijuana treatment. Medical marijuana is now […]

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