What Oklahoma’s Ban On MMJ Delivery Means For Patients’ Accessibility

The accessibility of medical marijuana is an important issue for MMJ patients all over the country. In Oklahoma, accessibility has never been a problem since MMJ became legal in 2018. The Sooner State has more dispensaries per capita than any other state in the country. And due to the fierce competition between dispensaries, the service you can expect in an Oklahoma dispensary is amongst the best in the country.

But since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, getting Oklahoma MMJ has become a slightly trickier process for patients and their caregivers. With travel restrictions in place and many businesses closed, getting medical marijuana is now a more involved and time-consuming undertaking. This is especially true for people with mobility issues or underlying health conditions that make them vulnerable to COVID-19.

Oklahoma’s Medical Marijuana Industry Is Growing Rapidly

Since medical marijuana was legalized in Oklahoma in summer 2018, the OK MMJ industry has gone from strength to strength. The state has one of the most liberal, open, and well-functioning MMJ programs in the country.

Medical marijuana is now used by 5% of Oklahomans to treat a medical condition. The Sooner State has the highest number of MMJ patients as a percentage of the population in the whole country.

The Oklahoma MMJ industry has less stifling regulations and red tape than any other state. Lots of innovative new MMJ businesses have set up in OK and are setting new high standards for the MMJ industry nation-wide.

Due to the massive number of MMJ dispensaries operating in Oklahoma, the competition for business is intense. This is great for the consumer, because it means that the quality of the MMJ products for sale is second to none. Oklahoma MMJ patients enjoy some of the highest-quality products and best customer service that you’ll find anywhere in the country.


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Oklahoma Ban MMJ Delivery

In one unfortunate way, Oklahoma’s trend of taking a hands-off approach and letting the free market work its magic has recently been bucked. State Governor Kevin Stitt recently vetoed a proposed bill that would have allowed OK MMJ dispensaries to deliver medical cannabis products to their patients’ homes. The bill also proposed legalizing the sale of MMJ pre-rolls.

Who Can Purchase Medical Marijuana In Oklahoma?

This ban on MMJ home delivery in Oklahoma is a big setback. It is disappointing news for MMJ patients, their caregivers, and dispensaries, because the only people who can purchase MMJ in Oklahoma are the cardholder or their caregiver. This means that home delivery, especially during coronavirus, would have been a huge help to vulnerable patients.

How Do Patients Get Access To MMJ While On Lockdown?

Medical marijuana dispensaries are considered to be an essential service, similar to drugstores and grocery stores. All legal MMJ states recognize dispensaries as an essential service because they sell a treatment that patients rely on to reduce symptoms and improve their quality of life. Several states have allowed home delivery of MMJ for the duration of the coronavirus lockdown, but unfortunately, OK isn’t one of them.

The only way Oklahoma MMJ patients can get medical marijuana is by visiting their dispensary in person, or arranging for their caregiver to do so. Getting a friend or family member who is not a recognized caregiver to pick up your OK MMJ is not permitted.

How Far Can You Drive To Get To An MMJ Dispensary In Oklahoma?

OK has more dispensaries than any other MMJ state. This means that you’re likely never too far from an MMJ dispensary, unless you live in the wilderness! There is no limit to how far you can drive to visit an MMJ dispensary in OK, provided you have your own valid OK MMJ card.

MMJ Home Cultivation Is Allowed In Oklahoma

Home cultivation is legal in Oklahoma. For people who do not want to leave their homes during the pandemic to visit MMJ dispensaries in Oklahoma, home cultivation is an option. The most MMJ you can legally grow at home is six mature plants and six seedlings.


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Having An MMJ Card Help Will Help You Get MMJ

In Oklahoma, recreational marijuana use is still illegal, so the only way to purchase MMJ in the state is by getting an MMJ card.

What Are The Qualifying Medical Conditions For An MMJ Card In Oklahoma?

Oklahoma is unique amongst legal MMJ states in that it has no official list of qualifying medical conditions. Oklahoman licensed physicians are able to prescribe medical marijuana for any medical condition they believe would benefit from treatment with MMJ.

How To Apply For An MMJ Card In Oklahoma

The easiest way to apply for an MMJ card in Oklahoma is to arrange an online consultation with a licensed physician through MMJRecs. This will enable you to obtain your MMJ card from the comfort and safety of your own home, which is especially helpful during the pandemic.

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Are MMJ Dispensaries Considered An Essential Service During The Coronavirus Pandemic?

The MMJ landscape is always shifting, but with the emergence of COVID-19, this has never been more true. Communities all over the United States are adapting to stay at home orders and legislators are hard at work with new rules and regulations.

So are MMJ dispensaries considered an essential service during the coronavirus pandemic? In many cases, yes. However, the rules differ from state to state. In some states, only medical marijuana dispensaries are considered essential, but in others, the essential status extends to recreational marijuana too.

Here’s what you need to know about MMJ in the era of COVID-19, including how you can still get a medical marijuana card, and the best way to go about getting your MMJ as you shelter in place.

Have States Allowed Marijuana Businesses To Remain Open During Lockdown?

If you’re wondering whether or not marijuana businesses remain open during the pandemic, the answer really depends on the state.

In Alaska, for example, both recreational and medical dispensaries remain open. While they haven’t been deemed essential services there, Alaska has allowed normal retail trade and even telemedicine renewal for medical marijuana cards.

In other states, such as California and Colorado, cannabis dispensaries have been deemed essential services and remain open. Each state has its own regulations surrounding pickup and delivery, which rules changing even between counties. Some states that have deemed MMJ essential removed their ban on telemedicine too, allowing doctors to make renewals and recommendations over the phone.

Your best bet when it comes to understanding how medical and recreational marijuana is handled in your area is to contact the state agency that regulates marijuana and follow their guidelines.


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How To Get An MMJ Card During Lockdown

If you’ve been meaning to get an MMJ card but were thwarted by the rise of COVID-19, it may not be too late. As mentioned, many states have adjusted regulations to allow telemedicine visits for renewals of MMJ cards, but not for initial consultations.

Many states are still running their MMJ card programs, however. So, you may need to meet with a doctor in person for the initial consultation, but you can still apply for an MMJ card and have it approved. You should contact the agency that oversees the regulation of MMJ in your state to find out what needs to be done to apply.

What Is The Best Way To Get MMJ During Coronavirus Lockdown?

Again, where you live will have an impact on how you can access MMJ during coronavirus lockdown. In general, states have made the following avenues open to access MMJ:

Curbside pickup

If a dispensary cannot offer delivery services, they can provide curbside pickup. This option allows you to order from the dispensary just as you would place a food order online, then drive to the dispensary, alert them that you’ve arrived, and have staff bring your MMJ out to you. This provides safe access for both patients and dispensary workers.

Home delivery

Some states allow for online delivery services for medical products, including medical marijuana. You can place an order over the phone or online and then have it delivered directly to your home.

Some dispensaries do remain open for normal retail business, but they may have altered hours of operation or special procedures for shopping in the store. If you plan to go to a dispensary in person, contact them ahead of time to find out what the procedures are, whether you’re supposed to wear a mask, and what their hours of operation are so you can plan your visit in the safest way possible.


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Image by Engin Akyurt on Unsplash: California pot dispensaries are open during coronavirus crisis. In fact, you can order online!

Marijuana And Coronavirus

Some people worry that they may be more susceptible to coronavirus infections if they smoke medical marijuana. While there aren’t yet any definitive studies that show whether this is the case, it’s a decision you need to make. If you’re worried about the potential risk smoking poses, perhaps consider some alternative ways to dose.

The bottom line: continuing to use MMJ in any way to manage medical conditions is still permitted during this pandemic. That’s why many states have deemed MMJ dispensaries as essential and continue to ensure people can still access medical marijuana for treatment.

The best thing you can do is familiarize yourself with local laws in your area surrounding MMJ. These rules have been put in place to help make the community safer as a whole, while ensuring that you can still get the medical marijuana products you need.

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Are Dispensaries Doing Home Delivery During The Coronavirus Pandemic?

MMJ patients in various parts of the country have been keen to find out: are dispensaries doing home delivery during the coronavirus pandemic? How to get medical marijuana during lockdown is a real issue for patients who rely on MMJ to ease the symptoms of medical conditions that are often severe and debilitating.

MMJ home delivery has been a contentious issue in many parts of the country over the last few years. Dispensaries and businesses in the MMJ industry have been eager to provide online purchasing and home delivery services for their customers, but in many states, authorities have been reluctant to allow it.

Some large MMJ states, such as California, already allow home delivery, but others, such as Colorado, have not allowed home delivery… until recently. Home delivery of MMJ during COVID-19 lockdown has been permitted under emergency rules put in place by several states that, up until the lockdown did not permit home delivery.

Coronavirus Lockdown

COVID-19 has engulfed the world and the reaction by governments and societies has been unprecedented. Vast swathes of the world are on lockdown, with all businesses apart from those that are absolutely essential closing indefinitely. In most of the world, and in all of America, people are being told to stay at home to slow the spread of the virus. In this strange and unusual situation, many MMJ patients are wondering how to get medical marijuana during lockdown.


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Can Patients Access Their MMJ During The Coronavirus Lockdown?

The good news in that MMJ patients can access their medical marijuana during the lockdown. In most MMJ states, medical cannabis dispensaries have been designated “essential businesses”, so they are staying open. In states where dispensaries are not on the official list of “essential businesses”, they are still open because they fall under the umbrella of health care sector businesses.

In several states, recreational marijuana businesses have had to close while medical marijuana businesses are staying open.

Are Dispensaries Doing Home Delivery During The Coronavirus Pandemic?

As you wait out the coronavirus pandemic at home, you’re probably wondering, “Can I get MMJ delivered to my home?” This is a crucial question. In these unprecedented times, going outside can be a health risk, especially for many MMJ patients who already have underlying health conditions.

Fortunately, most dispensaries are now operating a home delivery service. In many states, this was already happening before the lockdown. But now, even in states where home delivery was not previously an option, it has become common and encouraged under emergency rules.

Can You Get Home Delivery If You Don’t Have An MMJ Card?

Figuring out how to get medical marijuana during lockdown if you don’t have an MMJ card is a taller order. Recreational marijuana usage is not considered to be essential in most states. In many states, recreational businesses have been forced to close, and in several other states, MMJ cardholders are being given preference over recreational users who do not have a medical marijuana card.


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Image by gjbmiller on Pixabay: Dispensaries are offering home delivery of MMJ during the lockdown, but preference is given to MMJ cardholders.

Do You Get Priority Or Cheaper MMJ If You Have An MMJ Card?

Many MMJ dispensaries have announced that they will prioritize MMJ cardholders over recreational users for the duration of the coronavirus lockdown if stocks get low. However, at the moment there is no expectation that MMJ stocks will run low, as supply chains are well run and able to handle an increase in demand.

Can You Get A Medical Marijuana Card During the Coronavirus Lockdown?

Yes, you can get an MMJ card during the lockdown – though in certain parts of the country, it may be a longer-than-usual wait to have a consultation with a medical professional due to increased demand for health services.

How Do You Apply For A Medical Marijuana Card During The Coronavirus Lockdown?

During the coronavirus lockdown, it is important to avoid close contact with other people as much as possible. With this in mind, the absolute best way to apply for a medical marijuana card during the lockdown is to do it online at MMJRecs.com. MMJRecs will arrange an online consultation with a licensed MMJ physician. The physician will write you a recommendation letter for MMJ and you can get everything set up from the comfort of your own home, then send for home delivery from a local dispensary.

These are hard times we are living through, but one small silver lining may be that the business model for MMJ dispensaries could move more permanently online. This would mean that patients all over the country with painful medical conditions and mobility difficulties could make their lives easier in the future by ordering their medical marijuana online and having it delivered to their home.

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