4 Ways Medical Marijuana Affects Men And Women Differently

Medical marijuana (MMJ) provides a host of benefits for people with a variety of medical conditions. Those who need help for mental health conditions such as anxiety or PTSD may benefit from MMJ, but it can also be useful for those suffering from physical ailments too. MMJ has been proven to relieve chronic pain, so can be a very effective treatment for arthritis or joint pain. Men and women can each benefit from the positive effects of MMJ, and the risk of side effects of medical marijuana in comparison to many other medications is relatively low.

Although medical marijuana is legal and safe to use in most states, it is still a relatively new and constantly evolving field. There are still many studies to be done on the effects of MMJ on the body, including the differences in its effects on men and women. The effects of MMJ can differ from person to person, which is why it is important to undergo a clinical evaluation (which MMJRecs can help you with) before getting your MMJ card. During this trial, a licensed physician will decide whether MMJ could be a helpful treatment for you.

So how does cannabis affect men and women differently? Few studies have been done specifically on the difference in effects of MMJ on male and female users. While it is almost impossible to have a 100% conclusive study on the relationship between sex and MMJ effects (as we know that MMJ can have various effects, and not everyone will benefit from it the same way), several studies have been carried out that can point us in the right direction. Below are some insights on the differences in MMJ effects on men and women.

1. Men may require more frequent use and higher quantities of MMJ than women

Similarly to alcohol, several studies indicate that men may require higher doses and more frequent use of medical cannabis than women to get an effect. This may be due to differences in body composition.

woman experiencing period pain
Image by Polina Zimmerman on Pexels: How does cannabis affect women? Relief of period pain is one way!

2. Women are more likely to treat anxiety with MMJ

More women than men report suffering from anxiety in the US. Studies have found that women are more likely to use cannabis as a means to relieve their anxiety than their male counterparts.

3. Women may use MMJ for relief of period pain

Many women benefit from medicated body rubs contacting MMJ or CBD for the relief of pain associated with periods or endometriosis. This particular form of treatment is usually highly effective.

4. Some women may benefit from improved memory performance

Research indicates that women are more likely to benefit from improved spatial working memory performance when under the influence of THC (one of the components of MMJ) than men.

While it is difficult to draw up a concrete list of the differences in effects of MMJ on different sexes, it is important to remember that it offers the same benefits to anyone suffering from a medical condition that can be effectively managed and treated by MMJ. As more and more research is carried out into the effects of MMJ on men and women’s bodies, any sex-based differences will become more obvious.

medical marijuana seedling
Image by 7raysmarketing on Pixabay: How long do the effects of MMJ last?

How long do the effects of medical marijuana last?

This depends on the strength of MMJ and frequency of use. For many, the effects of marijuana can last 2–3 hours, though for some this may last up to 15 hours. Your physician, as well as those at your local dispensary, can help you find what suits you. Women generally metabolize THC slower than men, as they typically have a higher percentage of body fat.

The benefits of MMJ are clear for people of any gender who suffer from a variety of conditions. The best way to access MMJ safely and easily is to avail of an MMJ card. To find out more about the regulations and facilities in your state, you can check out MMJRec’s online resources. When you’re ready, you simply need to register for an online clinic. Meeting your licensed physician is a quick and simple online process. Once you receive your MMJ card, you can purchase MMJ at your local dispensary, where there is a wide variety of MMJ products available. MMJ is becoming more and more accessible for any person who needs it, so book your consultation today!

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Would Dosing With MMJ Affect The COVID Vaccine?

The COVID-19 pandemic is still in force after kicking off at the beginning of last year. The numbers rose steadily, and at the time of writing, over 107 million people have contracted the virus, with 2.3 million having lost their lives. In recent months, a light at the end of a long and scary COVID tunnel has finally come with the development of a vaccine. The vaccine is meant to protect people from the virus in certain ways so that the world can return to normalcy.

The development of the COVID vaccine has raised quite a few questions when it comes to preexisting health conditions and other medications. Those who have a history of severe allergies to any ingredient or component of the newly created Pfizer vaccine are the only ones listed as unable to get it, and not much has been said in the way of other health conditions. So, what does that mean for medical marijuana users? Would dosing with MMJ affect the COVID vaccine? Let’s find out.

Does cannabis interfere with the COVID vaccine?

Many people who use medical marijuana as a way to deal with a chronic condition may be wondering whether their medication will have an effect on the COVID-19 vaccine, or vice versa. Unfortunately, there is limited information on the effects that MMJ has on the vaccine, if any at all.

Since there are no known interactions between the COVID-19 vaccine and the use of cannabis, it is safe to assume that the two will not react to one another in any serious way. Depending on your condition, it may be a good idea to speak with your health care provider prior to getting the COVID vaccine.

MMJRecs - COVID vaccine
Image by CDC on Unsplash: There is no evidence to support that medical marijuana will affect the COVID-19 vaccine.

Should I stop taking MMJ to get the COVID vaccine?

Since there are no known interactions between medical marijuana and the ingredients in the COVID-19 vaccine, it would not be necessary to stop taking MMJ to get the COVID vaccine. The vaccine works by providing your body with a specific protein that is designed to register as the virus. This then initiates an immune response where COVID-specific antibodies can be created. These antibodies will stay in the body to ward off an infection or illness from COVID-19 if you do happen to come across the virus following widespread vaccinations and when safety measures are eased.

One thing to consider while using medical marijuana when you’re planning on getting the COVID-19 vaccine is how well your immune system functions, and whether or not the MMJ could be weakening it. For the vaccine to work as it should, the immune system will need to be able to properly respond to it. Some studies suggest that marijuana has the ability to suppress immune activity, which in theory could lessen the vaccine’s effects.

Smoking and COVID vaccine

The COVID-19 vaccine will not give anyone the virus. What is used in the vaccine is a type of blueprint of the virus so that the body can create antibodies based on information it is given through mRNA. This means that it is unlikely that smoking medical marijuana and getting the COVID-19 vaccine will lead to adverse effects.

Smoking does hinder the immune system, though, which can lead to a suppression of immune function. Those with a weakened immune function may not be able to develop as many antibodies as their healthy counterparts, which could make the vaccine less effective. However, this is not definitive, and if you are not on the strict “no go” list for the vaccine, you should speak to your doctor about getting it.

MMJRecs - cannabis oil
Image by CrystalWeed Cannabis on Unsplash: Since smoking marijuana can hinder the immune function, switching dosing methods may be a good option for those looking to get the vaccine.

How to ensure the efficacy of the COVID vaccine for MMJ users

If you wish to get the vaccine and are able to do so, you may want to consider switching your dosing method to something other than smoking. Smoking medical marijuana can have detrimental effects on the lungs. All types of smoke contain carcinogens and toxins that are released from the combustion. When you inhale this smoke, those substances get into the lungs. There are plenty of alternative ways to dose MMJ, such as edibles, topical ointments and creams, oils, and patches.

Since you use medical marijuana for a medical condition, it’s also important to stay on top of your dosing so that you are at your healthiest when taking the vaccine. This will ensure that it works as it should and that you continue to experience relief from your health condition while being protected from this dangerous virus.

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9 Best Christmas Gifts For MMJ Patients

Christmas is a special time of year. It’s a time for caring, sharing, and giving generously. One of the best things about the festive season is that we get to show our appreciation for friends and family by giving them heartfelt and meaningful Christmas gifts.

But choosing what gifts to get for loved ones can be difficult sometimes. The good news is that if your loved one is a medical marijuana patient, deciding what to get them need not be a complicated process. Medical marijuana patients love MMJ Christmas gifts!

Finding excellent Christmas gifts for people who use MMJ is easy. Over the last decade, a tsunami of medical marijuana legalization has washed over the US – and in its wake, a rich crop of exciting and innovative MMJ products has blossomed. In 2020, there are more wonderful gift ideas for marijuana users to choose from than ever before.

Let’s take a look at some of the best Christmas gifts for MMJ patients.

MMJRecs - THC cannabis
Image by gjbmiller on Pixabay: Marijuana flower makes an excellent gift for people who use MMJ.

1. MMJ Flower

Medical marijuana flower makes an excellent Christmas gift for an MMJ patient. Flower comes in many types and flavors. A huge variety of high-quality, all-natural Sativa, Indica, and hybrid strains are available to choose from. Flower is versatile; it can be smoked, vaped, or used to make MMJ-infused food and drinks.

2. Pre-Rolls

Understandably, some medical marijuana patients do not like rolling their own MMJ joints. Rolling can be time-consuming and laborious, and a lot of people find it tricky to get the hang of it. That makes a pack of pre-rolls an excellent MMJ Christmas gift. Pre-rolls are crafted by pros, so they tend to be perfectly put together little masterpieces.

3. A Hamper Of Tasty MMJ Edibles

Christmas is a time to relax and fuel up for the year ahead with plenty of tasty food. Some tasty MMJ edibles are a great addition to a festive feast, and a hamper of sweet MMJ treats makes a perfect Christmas gift. There are plenty of delicious sweet edible MMJ treats to choose from. Cakes, chocolates, candies, and gummies are the most popular edibles on the market.

4. CBD Massage Oil

Everybody loves a relaxing massage, and MMJ patients are no different. There are plenty of CBD massage oils on the market. These will not get you high, but they are full of healthy CBD that is relaxing, reinvigorating, and great for your skin.

5. CBD Beauty Products

CBD beauty products are quite new on the scene, but they are proving very popular and would make an excellent Christmas gift. CBD serums, night creams, body lotions, eye creams, balms, and masks have plenty of benefits. They can hydrate and rejuvenate the skin and make people look fresher, healthier, and younger.

MMJRecs - CBD cream
Image by andreas160578 on Pixabay: MMJ creams and lotions are popular gifts this Christmas.

6. A Vape Pen

Vaping is a healthier alternative MMJ dosing method to smoking. There are lots of excellent vape pens on the market. Some use cannabis oil, some use wax, and some use dry MMJ flower. Vape pens that use MMJ flower provide a stronger high than any other type. A vape pen can make a good Christmas gift for an MMJ patient who wants to try a new method of dosing.

7. An MMJ-Infused Christmas Dinner

Sharing a meal brings people together, and preparing a tasty home-cooked meal for your loved ones is a great Christmas gift. You can add some medical marijuana to your meal by making cannabutter and using it in your recipes. An MMJ-infused meal will taste delicious and provide a pleasant high to MMJ patients.

8. An MMJ Dispensary Gift Voucher

If you don’t know what type of medical marijuana product your friend will most enjoy, a great solution is to get them an MMJ dispensary gift voucher. This means they can choose whatever they want. A voucher is a sensible, pragmatic Christmas gift that can’t really fail!

9. MMJ Plants Or Seeds

A lot of medical marijuana patients love to grow their own MMJ at home. Home cultivation is becoming very popular because it guarantees that the weed is as organic and natural as can be. You can start your friend off on home cultivation by giving them some MMJ seeds or plants for Christmas.

Can You Purchase MMJ Christmas Gifts If You Don’t Have An MMJ Card Yourself?

If you do not have an MMJ card, you may not be able to purchase some of the items on this list.

In states where recreational marijuana is legal, you will be able to buy all of the items on the list, even if you do not have an MMJ card. Also, in most states, CBD-only products such as CBD massage oil and beauty products can be purchased by people who do not have an MMJ card.

However, MMJ products such as flower and edibles cannot be purchased by people who do not own an MMJ card in states where recreational marijuana is not yet legal.

How Do You Get A Medical Marijuana Card?

A quick and easy way to get a medical marijuana card is to arrange an online consultation with an MMJ doctor in your state through MMJRecs. Once the doctor has verified your suitability for treatment with medical marijuana, they will email you an MMJ recommendation certificate, which you can then submit to your local MMJ authorities.

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