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Does New York Accept Out-of-State MMJ Cards?

Today, we’re here to tell you all you need to know about New York State medical marijuana laws, including whether New York accepts out-of-state MMJ cards. Let’s dive in! Can You Buy From A Dispensary With An Out-Of-State MMJ Card? You can buy medical marijuana products from a dispensary with an out-of-state MMJ card in […]

Can I Use My Medical Card In Other States?

More and more states are joining the legal medical marijuana revolution every year. There is now a larger number of MMJ patients in the United States than at any other time in history. Millions of Americans are availing of medical marijuana treatment to alleviate the symptoms of a whole host of debilitating medical conditions, including […]

Does Oklahoma Accept Out-Of-State MMJ Cards?

Oklahoma has one of the most forward-thinking, patient-friendly medical marijuana programs in the United States. The Sooner State only legalized medical marijuana in the summer of 2018, but in the relatively short time since legalization, Oklahoma has become a trailblazing and innovative MMJ state. Thanks to a free-market ethos and the resulting fierce competition, Oklahoma […]

Does Missouri Accept Out-Of-State MMJ Cards?

Missouri legalized medical marijuana in 2018, and its MMJ program opened for business in the fall of 2020. Medical marijuana dispensaries have since opened across the state, selling a broad range of high-quality, locally produced MMJ products. Missouri medical card holders enjoy an efficient, patient-friendly MMJ system that is improving lives by alleviating the symptoms […]

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