The Pros and Cons of Medical Marijuana

Weed seems to be on everyone’s mind these days. You see the pros and cons of medical marijuana discussed on the television, with friends and family, in movies and all over the Internet. Most aren’t too against the legalization of weed these days, but some people still are.

With this in mind, we wanted to compare the benefits and downsides of medical marijuana. Here are the pros and cons of medical marijuana:

Pros of Medical Marijuana

There are a multitude of reasons medical marijuana can be a good thing. Many revolve around the health and wealth of the state that legalizes this drug. Here are some of the pros of weed:

  • Helps Medical Conditions: Medical marijuana helps many medical conditions. From AIDS to cancer to chronic pain to depression and more, a California medical marijuana card will help many patients deal with their medical conditions in simple, yet effective ways.
  • Big Business: Weed is big business. Whether you’re keeping the money in the hands of criminals or handing it over to corporations, there is always going to be a market for marijuana. California recently saw $2.7 billion in medical marijuana sales. The benefit of this money to the state cannot be undersold. The tax dollars on that amount of weed helped a lot of schools and governments.
  • It’ll Always Be There: No matter what we do, people are going to smoke pot. The risks are minimal and the benefits can be vast. Not to mention many enjoy the feeling of consuming cannabis. Regardless of laws, a certain section of the population will always consume drugs. Legalizing can be great, as governments can then tax these dollars.

Cons of Medical Marijuana

While there are many benefits of medical marijuana, there are some bad aspects, too. Here are a few of the cons of medical marijuana:

  • Constant Consumption: Many continually consume cannabis to the point that they are not as productive as they could be. While some use marijuana to help them manage their medical conditions or increase their creativity, just as many use the drug to escape real life – instead of improving their life.
  • Gateway Drug: Marijuana has been shown to not be addictive. Weed isn’t like heroin or crack. However, many addicts start with an innocent toke of weed or three, then they end up addicted to one of the former drugs only a few short years later. Marijuana isn’t called the gateway drug for no reason.

Easy Online Medical Marijuana Cards

It’s easy to see that the pros often outweigh the cons when medical marijuana is concerned. Responsible medical marijuana consumption is not an issue. Plus, the tax dollars from legalized medical marijuana can do great things for a community.

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