Why Bud & May’s Is The Best Dispensary In Iowa

Are you on the hunt for the best dispensary in Iowa? Perhaps you’ve tried a few Iowa Medical Marijuana Dispensaries and aren’t quite sure which is your favorite? Everyone has their own preferences as to what they’re looking for in one of these specialized shops, but there are some factors which can make cannabis dispensaries in Iowa really stand out. 

Bud & Mary’s Dispensary in Iowa is one of the best in the state, for numerous reasons. Let us elaborate…

Image by Wesley Gibbs on Unsplash: Why we love Bud & Mary’s Windsor Heights Iowa

Bud & Mary’s Dispensary Iowa

Before we go into all of the best things about Bud & Mary’s, it’s important to point out the services you can avail of at this dispensary. Dispensaries in Iowa offer a large, varied selection of marijuana products for purchase, including those with both THC and CBD. These are the two main chemicals in marijuana, and they have different effects. 

MMJ products are available as edibles, vapes, oils and lotions, so you have plenty of choices when it comes to taking your MMJ in a way that works for you. The friendly and knowledgeable team at Bud & Mary’s will ensure you select the right product for your own needs.

However, before you purchase any of these MMJ products you’ll require an Iowa MMJ card (please note: this is the only way to legally purchase MMJ). You can get your MMJ card through Bud & Mary’s (at this link) to begin buying your favorite MMJ products. In order to get your Iowa MMJ card, you must have a qualifying medical condition which includes chronic pain. One of the most convenient ways to complete this necessary medical appointment is virtually – through telemedicine – and MMJRecs can help with this part!

This consultation with a licensed physician is also required for those who wish to increase their legal allotment of MMJ (for more information on this see the guidelines from the Iowa Department of Public Health) as well as for MMJ card renewals. Only once you’ve received your physician’s certification, submitted your application for an Iowa MMJ card, and received the card, can you buy MMJ products at Bud & Mary’s.

Bud & Mary’s: A Well-Rounded Team Of Experts

First of all, Bud & Mary’s describes itself as a dispensary run by “passionate people, experts, and plant scientists – we grow cannabis that is truly for the people, by the people.” At Bud & Mary’s, you know you are in safe hands. 

Their core values are ‘empathy’ and ‘expertise’, meaning you will always be listened to and advised with kindness and respect. With a well-rounded team of knowledgeable people at your service, you can be sure to enjoy high-quality MMJ products. 

They strive to be inclusive and offer MMJ to everyone who qualifies for treatment, without discrimination. All you require is an Iowa MMJ card and you’re good to go.

Image by Ryan Lange on Unsplash

Image by Ryan Lange on Unsplash: Iowa medical marijuana dispensaries offer high-quality, safe and legal MMJ products

International, Science-Based Focus

Bud & Mary’s describes itself as “a home to a family of intentionally crafted medical and lifestyle cannabis brands.” The dispensary’s outward-looking vision shows a willingness to expand and to explore the latest developments in the MMJ arena. 

By taking note of the most recent discoveries and newest products from international markets, they can keep up with the latest trends and ensure that their range of products grow to fit these needs. 

Bud & Mary’s offers numerous high-standard brands, which are well-loved and respected in the industry. They utilize pharmaceutical knowledge as well as sustainability and practices to ensure they remain consistently on top of their game.

Understanding Of MMJ Culture And History

Through acknowledging the influence of marijuana on the country’s history and culture – along with the disproportionate impact on marginalized communities – Bud & Mary’s operates with awareness and understanding as a brand. They also appreciate the positive effects that marijuana has had on the arts, especially music, and aim to balance these two aspects evenly in their outlook.

A Family-Run Business

Bud & Mary’s is a family-run and family-founded business, with three generations of being passionate about what they do. They clearly value and respect their craft, and have years of knowledge and learning about MMJ under their belt.

We hope that this blog has given you a helping hand in your journey of discovery for the best dispensary in Iowa! At Bud & Mary’s, you can purchase your most-loved MMJ products using their team’s expert advice. Their site also offers information on how to arrange medical consultations for a first-time Iowa MMJ card application, a renewal or an appointment to increase your MMJ allotment.


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