Why Parents are Turning to Medical Marijuana to Help Their Kids

Scientific studies aside, most parents will do anything to help their child. Seeing your kid suffer from an illness that’s seemingly untreatable can be one of the most devastating things a parent can witness. Most parents are will do whatever it takes to give their child relief. A chance to heal becomes all that matters, even if the only opportunity requires medical marijuana.

An Intro to Medical Marijuana & Kids

The research is still preliminary. There are no scientific studies to support medical marijuana for children and the safety of such a practice. Still, many parents have turned to getting a weed card and using medical marijuana to treat their young children.

While society still perceives marijuana as a recreational drug, over 20 states have legalized medical cannabis cards for adults. If you have a medical issue, you can consume weed legally by obtaining a doctor’s recommendation and a weed card.

Adults can use medical marijuana to improve their lives; however, children are not yet allowed to do the same. Research has not been conducted regarding children and marijuana on a large scale. There are a number of safety concerns.

Plus, allowing a child to have access to marijuana could be a disaster during the teen years. Responsible drug use for medical purposes isn’t exactly the forte of the average teenager in the United States.

A Case Study

While the concerns are great, many families have found benefits in giving children with seizures medical marijuana. One such family are the Figis. The Figis had twins Charlotte and Chase around ten years ago. Three months after Charlotte was born, she had a seizure.

Immediately, her parents took her to the hospital. Scans were run. Everything came back normal. The seizures continued, and so did the hospital visits. The doctors were nearly stumped. They had a few ideas about what could be causing Charlotte’s seizures, but they had no idea how to stop them.

Eventually, it was revealed Charlotte had Dravet Syndrome, which causes severe seizures. The family tried everything from numerous drugs to special diets. Nothing worked. Years went by, and Charlotte’s health started to decline. She struggled to walk, talk or eat.

Then, her father learned of a young boy in California who had been treating his Dravet Syndrome with cannabis. Having no other options left, they found of a strain of cannabis low in THC, but high in CBD and turned it into oil before giving it to Charlotte.

Miraculous Results

The results were nothing short of incredible. The little girl went from having 300 small seizures a week to zero. It’s been nearly a year since Charlotte started consuming cannabis oil in her food twice a day. She went from the verge of death to 2-3 small seizures a month. She can walk, talk, and even ride her bicycle!

Charlotte’s recovery is nothing short of a miracle. Many children from around the United States have begun using cannabis to control their seizures. In honor of Charlotte, Florida governor Rick Scott signed into law the Charlotte’s Web bill, meant to help people in Charlotte’s condition obtain medical marijuana by safe, legal means. People across the state of Florida will now be able to get the help they need more easily than ever before.

If your child is suffering, you may want to consider getting your medical marijuana card online and seeing if marijuana helps their condition. It could make a difference in your child’s life and MMJRecs would love to help!